I Do Solemnly Swear

An opinion on gun control

This Monday, in Washington D.C., Barrack Hussein Obama will place his left hand on the Bible and solemnly swear to defend the Constitution of the United States. He will be doing this for the second time! The first time, they had to redo the swearing in privately, because the first time was flubbed. That was an omen. It was a sign of the next four years.

When it comes to what he should place his hand on, if the person was Muslim, would he use the Quran? If he was Mormon, maybe the Book of Mormon? What about an Atheist? The Constitution does not state that it has to be on the Bible!

What I find detestable about his first swearing in is that he has failed to not only defend the Constitution in his administration, but has also failed to give indication that the Bible has any basis in his Presidency.  Then on Monday, even more disgusting is he will be using bibles owned by President Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.

Since the election, we are seeing more of the real Obama. The real agenda is coming to light. He now has the "flexibility" he promised to move forward his plan.

This past week, he jumped all over the opportunity to exploit the Newtown tragedy for his own agenda. To start his attack of the second amendment.  He paraded out four kids as pawns to lay out his 23 point plan to control guns. This plan must have been drafted together by Biden during one of his train rides to D.C and in between naps. On a roll of train station toilet paper. With a crayon, or sharpie. Sharpie the marker, not a sharp object! Something that should never be in the hands of this Vice President!

Though there are some good points in this plan, like initiatives for school safety, or mandatory background checks, they are outweighed by the idiotic ones.

Like, having doctors question patients as to ownership. Really? Do you really think this will be effective in gun control? Let's see:

Patient 1 (Legal Gun Owner)
Doctor: "So now that we have your exam out of the way, can you please list the types of guns you currently own"
Legal Gun Owner: "With all due respect doc..that's none of your business"

Patient 2 (Illegal Gun Owner)
Doctor: "So now we have bandaged all your wounds, and the police are ready to transport you, can you please list the types of guns you own? "
Illegal Gun Owner: "Guns? I don't own no stinking guns!"

How about the ban on assault rifles? On high capacity magazines! Hey, it did not work the first time, why would it work this time. Now only criminals would have them!

The gun laws in Chicago are stricter than this plan and look at the crime rate there. Does anybody in this administration actually do any kind of actual research on gun control.

Look at Kennesaw Georgia. In 1982, they passed a law that required all homes to have a firearm. Crime dropped 89% the next year and has consistently been low since. It's not that hard to figure out that if a criminal knows for a fact that a person either has a gun in his home or on his person, they will think twice. The argument that criminals will come for the guns in the house doesn't hold water. The owner always has the advantage by knowing the location of the firearm and the lay of his home. We have some recent examples of that. Last week in Georgia, one lady shot a man several times defending herself and kids. if there was no gun the result would have been 4 dead people and one criminal on the loose.

But we don't hear about these examples, because they don't move forward Obama's agenda.

The second amendment is just one part of the Constitution Obama will fail to defend over the next four years and he should stay away from the Bible. There is no faith there in that soul.

If Obama wants to show any signs of integrity this second go round, maybe he should raise his right hand, place his left on, oh let's say, " The Essentials Works of Socialism" by Irving Howe. How about "Socialism Past, Present and Future" by Michael Harrington . And then swear to defend only the parts of the Constitution he likes and change the rest.

Then and only then would Obama show credibility. At least for that fleeting moment.

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