Waterford Divided on Biden-Ryan Debate

Waterford Patch’s Facebook users have very different opinions on who won the Vice Presidential Debate.

Thursday was the first and only debate between the United States’ two vice presidential candidates, Democrat “Smilin’” Joe Biden and Republican Paul “The Widow’s Peak” Ryan. The two disagreed on just about everything, often interrupting each other and both claiming the other was making up facts.

Minutes after the debate finished, Waterford Patch asked users on its Facebook page a simple question: Who won? The responses, 52 in all, were as divided and as partisan as the debate, with users on both sides passionately arguing that their man won.

Here are a few answers to the question, who won, from Waterford Patch’s Facebook users:

Betty McCullough Davis: Ryan never answered the final question. He was asked to answer the decorated soldiers question. He slammed our administration instead. . Not once did he say thank you for your services to our Country. The soldier asked for an answer about negative campaigning and how he was in dismay about it. Ryan couldn't give one soldier an answer on national tv. That speaks in volumes.

Mark Bartkowski: Cranky old man versus polite young man. Biden reminded me of Lloyd Bridges sniffing glue in Airplane.

Eileen Lake: Man vs teenager...no doubt Biden took Ryan to school...

Lorrie Wallace O’Reilly: Biden was awful interrupted and was very rude and condescending.....Not very Vice-Presidential at all. The moderator was the worst I've ever seen....

Kate Eskra Fioravanti: We are not electing people based on how polite they are in a debate! If that's the case, then Romney should lose the election just based on last week. However, if you listened to how the candidates will actually serve our country, the winner was clearly Biden tonight.

Paul Vine: Now it's really over. Titans win 26-23. Great game.

Daniella Ruiz October 13, 2012 at 12:17 AM
lol, were the two, Romney and Biden, to either run together or opposed, we might have an ego war on our hands, rather than the 'trifling distractions' of foreign events to fuss over. god help us, if these types ever have face to face negotiations with some of the European hard liners.


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