Mickey Mouse Ties Donald Duck In Recount [VIDEO]

Write-Ins The Only News From Recount As All Winners Stay The Same

In Wednesday afternoon’s municipal election recount, while some vote tallies changed, were confirmed to be winners. The most interesting part of the procedure were some of the write-in votes, including one for Donald Duck, one for Mickey Mouse and one for Hillary Clinton.

“It happens every year,” Republican Town Registrar Mary Pinkham said. “We are used to it.”

Recounts were originally triggered in four races, the Board of Finance, and the Representative Town Meeting’s First, Second and Fourth Districts. But candidate David Cattanach, who was the closest loser in the First District, forfeited his right to a recount.

So Wednesday, the town recounted three races. In all three, while the vote tallies changed for some candidates, the winners and losers remained the same.

In the Board of Finance, the closest race was with Cheryl Larder, who defeated Roz Dupuis by three votes, according to the Nov. 8 count. After the recount, she won by four votes.

In the Representative Town Meeting’s Second District, the closest race was between Gerard Gaynor and Mark Wiggins. Results last Tuesday said Gaynor won by five votes, and the recount produced the same results.

In the Representative Town Meeting’s Fourth District, the closest race was between Lee Goss and Elizabeth Friedman. In the original Nov. 8 tally, Goss won by eight votes, and the recount produced the same result. 

State law qualifies a recount if the election is within 20 votes. The Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Hillary Clinton campaigns could not be reached for comment.

Cheryl L November 17, 2011 at 10:52 AM
I was out of town on a work commitment Wednesday and could not attend the recount. Thank you to the poll workers who came out and allowed the election process to continue. I feel this reinforces the truth that every single vote counts. Thank you to those I saw on Nov 8th at 6:15 am at Oswegatchie School and the one I saw at 7.57 p.m. at Great Neck School.
Kevin M. Ziolkovski November 18, 2011 at 04:33 AM
I want to thank the voters that came out and voted for Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Hillary Clinton. As a matter of fact, I told people that if they didn't want me, and they didn't want the incumbent, then vote for someone, anyone, just as long as they voted. These are people that took the time to exercise their constitutional right, don't mock their choice, applaud them for their effort. More importantly, in a town of 12,000 (approximately) registered voters with only 3,300 (approximately) casting a ballot for the top position of First Selectman, where were the other 8,700 (approximately) registered voters on election day? And what about the other 2,000 (approximately) people over the age of 18 that aren't even registered to vote? We had better be careful, if our town can't find a way to get our voters more interested in what is going on, Donald Duck is going to win an election, and we are going to find our Board of Selectman meetings being held in the middle of the duck pond at the library.
Debbie November 18, 2011 at 12:41 PM
Interesting that there is less turnout for local elections but these are the ones that have the most immediate, day-to-day impact on our lives. If you didn't vote because you didn't think it mattered, you are not allowed to complain until the next elections! I feel so proud on voting day because I'm an American and I CAN vote. There are people in the world who have endured violence and death in an effort to get this right, and some of us don't vote because they think it's not important. Shame.


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