Modern Warfare 3 Game Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is a 9.5 out of a possible 10 due to its graphics, multiplayer, game play, and some story. To see what to expect in the game and my full review open the article.

   The Modern Warfare series, as a whole, re-invented the Call of Duty series. That said MW3 had high expectations in the gaming community. I am glad to say that the title, to me, held up to the Modern Warfare name by mixing stealth, all out combat, and a story together into a game that will be remembered as one of the best in gaming history.

   The graphics in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series have always been shockingly lifelike. MW3 is no different as the game truly looks real in every small detail and has sharp models (guns, characters, objects) that have been textured to perfection to fit them. While the graphics being the best in the series might seem awesome, it makes even the slightest visual errors noticeable to the players. I try not to focus on visual errors as they are few and easy to patch but others constantly jump out. A error with the game is supposedly caused by a scratch on the disc that makes some maps and guns look like a chrome kind of color, so the "glitch" is not common.

   The game play is smooth, explosive, but has been used in every Modern Warfare. The characters in the game interact not only with the environment, but with the situation itself. They take cover when being shot at and throw back grenades that land next to them as they normally do. Unfortunately the A.I. in the game can leave some enemies unharmed and make you have to, on occasion, go back and kill the enemy. The game has a lot of explosions and armed combat. While this is exciting it is well known. But the game has a fair amount of stealth in it to counter-act the shell shocking action.

   Multiplayer is, what many consider, one of the best attributes to the Call of Duty games. Without any doubt the multiplayer in MW3 is well thoughtout and well put together. Instead of having to use certain attachments on weapons now you earn new attachments using weapon proficiency. Weapon proficiency is considered "Weapon Rank" and you level up in your weapon ranks by getting kills with the weapon. This is a great advancement because it not only gives you attachments but it gives the game longer playability due to the want to be the top rank on a weapon (I don't know what the top ranks are). Another advancement in the multiplayer is the option to use different kinds of kill streaks (otherwise known as packages). They are called Assault, Support, and Specialist. Specialist package gives you perks according to your amount of kills. Assault package gives you offensive items like UAV, Predator Missile, Sentry Gun (to see more go to here). The Support package gives you kill streaks that help your team out (to see the kill streaks click the link above) like Counter UAV. Death Streaks stayed relatively the same as they were in MW2. They give you support like Final Stand (you drop to the ground to shoot your primary weapon before you die) and Juggernaut Recon (you receive armor, a USP .45 pistol, and a riot shield) to see others follow the same link above.

   I do not rate the story to in depth due to spoilers but I will tell you that it is a satisfying and somewhat tragic advancement in the story.

   My overall rating is a 9.5 out of a possible 10. The game is great and fun but it gives you the same feeling as any other Call of Duty in the series.

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