First Selectman Recommends Evacuating Flood Zones for Hurricane Sandy

Also, a list of cancellations and what will be open the next few days, including news about trash pick-up, athletics and more.

Today, Waterford First Selectman Dan Steward encouraged all residents who live close to the water to evacuate their homes and head to either the homes of friends or family or the regional shelter at East Lyme Middle School.

Steward said people who live in Mago Point, Millstone Point, Ridgewood Park and the dozens of other places in Waterford that is right on the water to evacuate their homes this afternoon. He said a heavy storm surge is expected, especially Monday night when there will be heavy winds and an especially high tide thanks to a full moon.

“(People living in flood zones) should be really concerned,” Steward said.

The regional shelter for Waterford residents is at East Lyme Middle School on 31 Society Road. The shelter has food, water and a generator, although people should bring necessities for themselves, Steward said.

Also, people can bring pets to the shelter, but they should bring food, water and other supplies for those pets, he said.

Other News

Trash pick-up will still happen Monday, largely because many of the trashcans are already outside and there is a fear they will be blown around, Steward said. It is likely trash pick-up will not happen Tuesday or Wednesday, but if the weather is okay it might still happen, he said.

Today, the Public Works Department is filling up sand bags, Steward said. Residents can go to the public works department to get up to 20 sand bags, he said.

Town Hall will be open Monday, Steward said. However, all programs by senior services, recreation and parks and youth services have been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday, he said.

School has been cancelled Monday and Tuesday, as have all school programs, Superintendent Jerome Belair said. All school athletics have been cancelled as well those two days, he said.

UPDATE: Waterford Public Library will be closed Monday as well.

What To Do

Steward encouraged all residents to have supplies to last several days without power, such as batteries, flashlights, food, water, prescriptions and whatever else is needed. He also strongly encouraged people to ensure everything outside that could become a projectile to be tied down or secured.

He said he will be in the Emergency Operations Center for the length of the storm, along with the police chief, the fire director and other town officials. He said he will have a fully-staffed police force and other town services to help people in need, although stressed it is time for people to help themselves.

“People need to be taking care of themselves,” Steward said.


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