Daily Five: Users Debate Arrest Over Pulling A Fire Alarm

Five things to know for Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013.

1. Today should be mostly sunny, with a high near 47, according to the National Weather Service. Tonight should be mostly clear, with a low around 31, according to the service.  

2. Monday night at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, the commission discussed a report it will have to give to the Zoning Board of Appeals regarding a proposal by the Stonington Institute to turn 171 Rope Ferry Road into a housing facility for up to 144 men recovering from substance abuse.

At the meeting, Town Planner Mark Wujtewicz gave the commission a report complied by Planning Director Tom Wagner and Police Chief Murray Pendleton regarding the proposal. In the report, Pendleton wrote “there is a potential here that the proposed facility will have a substantial impact on public safety in general.” However, Pendleton said he was still gathering information regarding the amount of police, fire and emergency calls that happen at existing Stonington Institute sober houses, and would have a more complete report once that information is collected.

The report filed by the Planning and Zoning Commission is just a recommendation, and the Zoning Board of Appeals does not have to follow it. The commission will complete the report at its next meeting on January 28th and the Zoning Board of Appeals will discuss the proposal again on February 7th.

3. Tuesday, in case you missed our story, a fire alarm was pulled at Waterford High School, which caused all the students to be evacuated and class to be interrupted for 14 minutes.

We talked to Principal Don Macrino, and he said if a student pulled it on purpose, it is against the law and the police would be called. On Waterford Patch’s Facebook page, we asked if a student should be arrested for pulling a fire alarm and got a plethora of responses.

“While (it) was a stupid move, I don’t think it warrants an arrest,” wrote Bethany Guthrie Martell. “In-school suspension? Yes and maybe even volunteer at the firehouse. But to make him/her have a police record over something this minor is absurd in my humble opinion.”

Meanwhile, on the other side…

“God forbid an actual emergency had occurred elsewhere!” wrote Kate Eskra Fioravanti. “Wasting tax dollars is not why someone would get a record for this-- making a false report is endangering those who may truly need the services you have pretended to need, and have pulled elsewhere.”

Have an opinion? Feel free to post it below.

4. Chelsea Groton Bank recently announced that the company and its employees donated more then $51,000 to the United Way. For the full story, click here.  

Also, feel free to post announcements such as the one above in our announcements section.

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5. Today is Connecticut’s 225th birthday. On this date in 1788, Connecticut because the fifth state admitted to the United States. Today is also musician Dave Matthews 46th birthday.

Quote of the Day

“Tomorrow is no place to place your better days.”

-Dave Matthews

Trivia of the Day

What year did the Hartford Whalers leave Hartford? What is the franchise named now?

Yesterday’s Answer: Charles de Gaulle led the Free French Forces during World War II.


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