What's Moving Into Waterford

Two New Stores; Three Large Pending Applications

This week, Town Planner Mark Wujtewicz wrote a report of all the new businesses coming into town for the Economic Development Commission's April 18th meeting. All information used in this story is from that report.

Revitalizing Hendels

A building permit has been filed to renovate the Hendel’s gas station and convenience store at 26 Norwich-New London Turnpike in Quaker Hill. The owner of the property, Seron Transportation Co., will renovate the existing building and upgrade the site for a new convenience store and new gas pumps.

Fallout From Blindermans

, which had operated in Waterford for more than a century, That leaves 74 Foster Road and 132 Cross Road vacant, which includes four buildings on three parcels. There is an application now to change the use of those properties from a warehousing, moving and storage facility to accomodate equipment rental, truck accessory sales and installation and landscape and building material sales and service.

997 Hartford Turnpike

Blinderman's rented a space to . With Blinderman's going out of business, Blackburn had to find a new spot, and has moved to 997 Hartford Turnpike.

Two Stores For One

and have both opened in Waterford Commons in the space previously occupied by Namco.

Large Pending Applications

: plans are being reviewed by the Conservation Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

: The town has approved an application by Charter Oak to extend a sewer line to the property at 1055 Hartford Turnpike. The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on the application to build the credit union's corporate headquarters at the property soon.

Kobyluck Brothers LLC: Kobyluck’s proposal at 28 Industrial Drive is still being reviewed by the Conservation Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Susan April 14, 2012 at 12:18 PM
If the people of Waterford want stores to come to this area...and more important to STAY in this area then they have to begin shopping there...DSW is a fine example Don't go to Hartford or Providence to buy your shoes ...do it in Waterford..so these businesses can remain here.....same goes for Five Below.
Property Owner April 14, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Susan, I agree 100%. I am concerned that even with all the recent expansion in Waterford, taxes are still heading up at a blistering pace.
Paul April 14, 2012 at 07:06 PM
If citizens want the stores to come Waterford than you need to have quality jobs come back to Southeastern CT. We lost Pfizer & NUSC. These quality jobs have not been replaced with the same type of jobs. There have been interests by other stores that wanted to come here but have not due to the socioeconomic status of the area. Taxes are even going up in town as the republicans have a clear majority on the BOS, BOF, BOE, and the RTM. If the elected officials, as well as the department heads, cant make the tough decisions than the grand list must grow to try and offset any increases. It amazes me with the industrial triangle along 95, the land along 395, the old Pfizer buildings, and the N.L. Fort Trumble area that we cant grow the business sector. It is not just the local officials but also the state officials that are neglecting this area and the rest of the state. Until the business climate becomes more favorable we will have to continue the good fight to try and convince businesses that Southeastern CT is a great place to do business.


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