The Barbershop in Jordan Village Adds a Salon, Massage Room

The longtime barbershop has changed its name and added a salon, an area for manicures and pedicures and a massage room.

Michelle Ramos knows a thing or two about dealing with change.

In 1997, when she was just 24, she took over The Barbershop in Jordan Village from a man in his 60s who had been there for years. He never told any of his longtime customers that he was leaving, so there was some culture shock when men came in, expecting an older man as a barber, and got a 24-year-old woman.

“They were surprised, and some of the men wound up leaving, and about half of them came back,” Ramos said. “I told them they have to find someone new anyway, they might as well try me. And I wound up keeping most of them.”

Now, there is another change at the shop located at 91 Rope Ferry Road, in the tiny strip mall that holds When Pigs Fly. The place moved one spot over in the strip mall into a space that’s three times bigger, and added a salon and a massage room. The name also changed to reflect that change, going from The Barbershop in Jordan Village to The Jordan Village Barbershop & Salon.

“I wanted to stay true to the barbershop, but expand into another service,” Ramos said. “It really all came together exactly how I wanted it.”

Ramos still has the traditional barbershop area in the front of the store, where she serves men, children and occasionally women. Behind that is a second room where two hair stylists, Pam Nieves and Jane Sauer, will run a salon. Another room off of that is an area for pedicures and manicures and then there is a private room where Nieves gives massages.

“I hope it is somewhere were men, woman, families, kids can feel comfortable,” Ramos said. “I think we did that.”

The Move

Before, Ramos was located in a 500-square foot space next to When Pigs Fly where she just had a barbershop. The space next to her used to be a hair salon, although that closed more than a year ago.

In December, Ramos decided to expand her business. She agreed to bring on Nieves and Sauer, who are both working as subcontractors and renting a chair from Ramos, to go with her other full-time barber, Tracy DeLaura, and two part-time barbers. In the beginning of January, the group all moved in to the new, 1,700-square foot space, although they still have some minor work to do.

For Ramos, her business began in 1997, with just her cutting hair by herself. Now, she has a full-time barber, two part-time barbers and two stylists renting a chair from her.

“It’s exactly what I want to do,” Ramos said. “Although I can’t believe 15 years has passed.”

Ramos is now a mother of two children, one 7 ½ and one 1 ½. She says she has a large child clientele, and says her own experience as a mother comes in handy.

“I have a lot of patience,” Ramos said. “I have my own children, so I understand. I try to make everybody feel comfortable.”

Craig Caulkins January 12, 2013 at 12:23 PM
Michelle is the best!!! I recommend her hands down and have referred her establishment to many. Congratulations Michelle I'm glad to see you doing so well.
Raul Laureano January 12, 2013 at 12:30 PM
It took me a while to find a barber that understood what I wanted and did a good job - well, Michelle is that barber. She does a great job, fast and clean. She is all about details and I like that. Congratulations Michele - happy for you and see you soon!!!!.
Mary May January 12, 2013 at 06:42 PM
That's great and I hope SALON prices are competitive to nearby salons. They have become VERY pricey lately. Maybe prices will bring NEW clients !
John January 13, 2013 at 04:11 AM
Michelle has her mother's drive & tenacity to get things done and her father's talent and ability to do a great job. I am very proud of you daughter -- Dad
Emily Meyer January 17, 2013 at 05:16 PM
I wish I still lived in the area but come down to visit often and my husband says he's never gotten a better cut than the ones he gets from Michelle. My brother and brother-in-law agree as well. Great job, Michelle! I'm so happy for your continued success. -Emily Meyer Warwick, R.I.


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