Borders To Close Both Waterford Stores

Unable to find a buyer, the bankrupt company announced plans Monday

, the bookstore chain with two locations in Waterford, has announced today it is going out of business and will close all of its stores.

, and searched for investors to buy the company, according to the Wall Street Journal. None were found, and the company will close all of its stores by the end of September, according to the Journal.

The good news is the store will have going-out-of-business sales starting as soon as Friday, according to the Journal. Overall, the company has 11,000 employees.

Borders has since released this statement.

Waterford’s Reaction

Patrons inside the Waterford Commons’ Borders were shocked to hear the news. There is no other place in the area to buy new books, Montville resident Charlotte Pietras said.

“It’s so surprising to me,” Pietras said. “This is the once place in the area like this.”

Dan Wilson, who said he bought 12 books this year alone from Borders, didn’t even know how to react. After hearing the news, he sat dumbfounded, at a loss of words.

“Wow,” Wilson said, a Norwich resident, after finally regaining his composure. “I’m speechless.”

The most shocking part is the store is always crowded, Pietras said.

“Every time I come in here it’s packed,” she said. “Even during school time I see students here with their books, getting a coffee and on their computer. This is really surprising.”

Patch asked a Borders employee for comment. The employee refused comment, said nothing was verified and asked Patch to leave the store to not “start a panic.”

Along with the Borders at Waterford Commons, there is a smaller . According to news reports, both will close by September.

Michelle Tracy July 19, 2011 at 11:11 AM
Amazon has done to Borders what Netflix did to Blockbuster. And you know what's going on with Netflix now? A 60% hike in price. Sad.
Betty Davis July 19, 2011 at 11:30 AM
Michelle you are correct. We have become such a digital world, easy access to everything. I miss going to Blockbusters and searching for movies to bring home. I have Netflix also, and the hike is ridiculous. I may consider dropping it and just watch "Free Movies on Us" offered by our cable company. The choices are few, but my wallet won't feel the crunch in that aspect.
John Sheehan July 19, 2011 at 02:41 PM
Since searching for movie rentals was brought up, there is still a local store for selecting your movies, Video World on Flanders Road in East Lyme. Phone 860-739-0111. (Full Disclosure - My son is the owner of the store)
Kym Apicelli July 19, 2011 at 06:07 PM
If your look for a nother place to buy books... Try Bank Square Books in Mystic (http://www.banksquarebooks.com/) I am a big supporter of locally owned businesses and I have had a lot of luck finding great books there! I am a Waterford resident, and I think this quaint shop is worth the drive over the bridge!
Bob Price July 23, 2011 at 05:21 PM
My apologies, I inadvertantly hit the "Flag as inappropriate" button. My computer is slow and I was trying to select the button to follow the article but the browser wasn't done updating the scrolling. I wish they had a pop-up to ask if you really want to flag a comment. Next time we're in Madison we'll check out RJ Julia.


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