When Life Gives You Shells, Make Jewelry

Creator of Kimberly.Ann.Marie Designs Shares the Inspiration Behind her Locally Hand Crafted Jewelry

Accessories have always been my favorite part of pulling together the final touches of an ensemble. Without abandoning my dedicated shoe obsession I can safely say that jewelry is by far the most versatile and exclusive accessory one can own - especially when it is hand crafted with the best of intentions.

Kimberly Ann Marie, an East Lyme native, has done just that. What once was a hobby has currently bloomed into a local business through the likes of Etsy.com, a website whose mission is to change the way the global economy functions through the promotion of small business in over 150 countries. Etsy claims to be bringing heart to commerce, and it must be true because Kimberly Ann Marie is all about the love.

As a young girl growing up in a small coastal town, Kimberly remembers taking lengthly walks along the beach and collecting mounds of sea glass and shells that would eventually settle in an oversized bowl in the center of her families cabana on Shenecosset Beach. Unbeknownst to her, it was the beginning of something that would eventually define her.

Amidst a home overflowing with random pieces of sea glass and obscure shells, Kimberly began to work. Delicately weaving wire around organic beach swag, she produced a harmonious blend of texture and line.  By adhering to such a simple and understated aesthetic she has come to create a collection of pieces that illustrate casual coastal elegance, while maintaining a very polished look. 

Starting at a young age Kimberly always had a love for making jewelery, weaving friendship bracelets in her earliest form and many years later evolving into her intricate coastal-inspired designs of today.  It was truly just a hobby that she enjoyed while sitting on the couch, watching the television. She giggles when saying it out loud, humbly comparing it to the knitting of an elderly women. 

When I ask her how she made the decision to begin to market her beautiful creations, she simply says, "Well there were far too many for me to wear myself, and my hope is that by selling them, someone else will feel the joy that I experience through the process of making them."

It is my opinion that everything holds on to the energy it has absorbed throughout its journey. Keeping that in mind, may you be lucky enough to acquire a piece from Kimberly Ann Marie's collection of jewelry, and as you wear it recall the fond childhood memories you have of walking the beach, sand beneath your toes, searching for priceless treasures. Or perhaps, like Kimberly, you will feel the love of doing something you truly enjoy, in turn making a complete stranger smile.

Whichever it may be notice the diverse fashion allowed while exhibiting these works of art. Stacking finespun bracelets one on top of the other can create a dramatic look, while simply wearing a delicate pair of earrings with upswept hair show their ability to carry their own weight through utter simplicity and fine craftsmanship. There are no boundaries when wearing one of Kimberly Ann Marie's creations. They lend themselves to cocktail dresses and linen pants alike. But however you choose to flaunt them, remember to make it your own because being you is always in style.

To find Kimberly's newest creations visit:


Nikki July 27, 2011 at 03:08 AM
I love the article and the very beautiful pieces.


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