Come Celebrate Halloween Tonight At Cohanzie

A Halloween event to make up for the Halloween that wasn’t, and a chance to give back.

Halloween night, with downed power lines littering the streets and about half the town without power, Police Chief Murray Pendleton asked all Waterford residents to refrain from trick-or-treating.

While the decision was one that had to be made, it left many Waterford children with costumes in their closets, plastic pumpkins empty and a sigh of disappointment. Perhaps maybe tonight can change that.

Tonight from 6 to 8, thanks to some quick planning by Shannon Mayer, there will be a Halloween trunk-or-treat event at Cohanzie Fire House. Mayer hopes it will provide the Halloween that the children of this town almost missed.

Along with celebrating the holiday, Patch will be their collecting non-perishable food items at the event. We will be giving those items to the Waterford food locker, to help the people ravaged by Superstorm Sandy, right before the Thanksgiving season.

How It Works

For trunk-or-treats, people decorate the trunks of their cars and then children go around, in costume, and get candy at the different cars. Basically, houses are replaced by cars, and instead of walking around streets children walk around the parking lot at Cohanzie Fire House.

The goal is to have a lot of people decorate cars, so there is plenty for the children to do. At the very least, please bring candy to give out to the other children.

And again, bring some non-perishable food items, as Patch will be collecting them to donate. We hope to see you there, in costume, non-perishable food item in hand.


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