CLMS Competes in the National Geographic Bee



Do you know the answers to these two questions?


The Taklimakan Desert, home to the Uyghur people, is located north of the Kunlun Mountains in which Asian Country?


The Potomac River rises in the Allegheny Plateau and empties into what large bay?


 Sixth-grader Connor Elci knows the answer to both of these questions! In early January, all Clark Lane Middle School students took part in the National Geographic Bee, a nationwide competition which tests students’ geographic knowledge.  Each team held a preliminary competition in their social studies classes.  The winning student from each team went on to compete in the CLMS school finals on Friday, January 13th.   Parents, teachers and administrators were all invited to observe the final round of the competition which was held in the library.  School principal James Sachs served as the proctor of the bee.  First place was awarded to Connor Elci (grade 6). Second place went to Joe Carano (grade 8) and Alex Fayan (grade 7) came in third place.  Connor will take an exam to qualify for the Connecticut State Finals of the Geography Bee to be held this spring.  The other students that made it to the school finals included sixth graders Chase Kempke, and Ryan Hartley, seventh graders David Viens and Hunter Halford, and eighth graders Kayla Turpin and Rebekah Sanders. Congratulations to all of these students on such an impressive accomplishment.


Answers: China, Chesapeake Bay


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