Waterford High School Engraved Brick Sale Ongoing

Give to Waterford High’s Class of 2013, and be forever part of the new Waterford High School.

Want to help the Waterford High School Class of 2013 and have your name forever emboldened on the grounds of the new Waterford High School?

Here’s your chance. The Waterford High School Class of 2013 is now selling engraved bricks that will be placed on the Waterford High School campus once construction on the new high school is complete. Bricks cost $50 each.

For more information and for how to order a brick, click here.

Daniella Ruiz January 02, 2013 at 06:51 PM
i already put my initials in some of the wet concrete months ago, for free. i'll settle for that bit of legacy and contentment. :-))
Daniella Ruiz January 02, 2013 at 07:19 PM
as an aside, that nice sized boulder that was pulled up from in front of the old bldg and trundled over to it's new location near the parking area, is ripe for someone to 'decorate'. a new class in the artsy department could begin a sculpture class, with eventual application using that boulder as a starting point for another 'point of interest' at the school. these students need art, & lots of it. not just the trendy computer generated slop either.


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