Ethan Lewis, Principal for the Day at Clark Lane Middle School

The straight "A" student put on the principal's shoes on Thursday.

Ethan Lewis addresses the school. Credit: CLMS
Ethan Lewis addresses the school. Credit: CLMS
There was a fresh face at the helm of Clark Lane Middle School on Thursday — and his name was Ethan Lewis.

The 8th grade student was Principal for the Day.

"Ethan won this honor by entering into a raffle at the Clark Lane annual PTO Basket Bonanza in March," explains Becky Rochester, CLMS Main Office Secretary. "Ethan is a straight A student, very well liked with both his peers and his teachers, and couldn’t have been a better fit to be principal for the day!"

Ethan's duties started with the morning announcement, which he delivered via closed circuit TV to students and staff. 

He also met with both the principal, Mr. Jim Sachs, and the assistant principal, Mrs. Tracy Moore, and did a security walk through of the building with Youth Officer Whitehead.

Ethan performed other principal roles, including caféteria monitoring, greeting students in hallways, and staff evaluation.

Rochester said students even respectfully greeted Ethan throughout the day in the hallways as “Mr. Lewis.” 


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