Football, Guns and Rock n' Roll

An opinion about Gun Control and the re-election of Obama.

On the morning of Nov 7th, after Barack Obama won the election, I changed my normal routine. I decided not to read or hear any news for a few weeks. I found it distasteful that someone could so obviously buy an election. So I decided I would not subject myself for a couple of weeks to anything about Obama, Benghazi, the war on women, fair shares, fiscal cliffs or any thoughts of where this country is headed. Quite honestly, what could I do about it anyways? Say what you will, but I have licked my wounds.

Well the two weeks turned into four and I never once turned on the news. Except for sports, I stayed away from news shows, websites and I don't subscribe to any newspapers or news magazines.

It was nice! I didn't take one antacid the entire month. My favorite football team has the best record in the NFL. I played my favorite Rock N' Roll albums of all time. Took me back to my youth of the 60s & 70s, when music was real, not computerized and mixed with auto tune. Try it some time. On a real record player. No drug or drink can match it. And what the hell is a Nikki Minaj?

Well it all ended last night at half time of the sunday night game, when Bob Costas felt he should turn a sports game into a political rant. I actually screamed at the screen "Shut (the heck) Up".

I always had respect for Bob Costas. Enjoyed his talk shows and last night I lost any respect I had for him.

It never fails that some blowhard has to turn a tragedy like this into a political statement. It's football you idiot. You don't mess with football. The bodies aren't even cold yet. What disrespect for the families and their memories. And to make such an asinine comment that it would never have happened if he didn't have a gun, is the statement of a complete uneducated fool. Let's ban knives, hammers, rolling pins, pillows etc, etc. How about hands? Let's ban them too!

These Anti-Gun, Anti-Constitution groupies make these statements without even looking into the facts.

It's easy to find the facts. Just go to www.gunfacts.info. It will show all the studies and who made them, that dispute these arguments. Take a look at Kennesaw, Ga, where in the 80s they made it a law that each home have a gun. Crime dropped to almost nothing. Immediately. But see, just like the arguments that these Anti-Americans make about any agenda they want to force upon people, they ignore the facts. They want us to live in a society where we can't protect our selves against those who have guns illegally, or anyone who threatens our lives. We can't profess or display our religious beliefs without someone suing us. Instead they change the principles of the Founding Fathers. They even change the principles of God to suit themselves.

No, nothing's changed. Yet. It is going to get worse. They want to spend more stimulus, because it worked so well the other times. They want more government spending, because they have the printing facilities. They want to raise the debt limit as they please. And keep the entitlements flowing so they can keep getting elected. Obama wants to keep campaigning. My kids and grandkids have no chance!

You know what is scary? The fact that Joe Biden is a heart beat away from the Presidency! But then, maybe that's a good thing. At least we'll have something to laugh at.

Think I'll go listen to The Rolling Stones' "Sticky Fingers"! Seems to describe the current administration.

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