Waterford’s Sample Ballot

A look at what you’ll see Tuesday.

The storm waters have faded and the power has been restored just in time for America’s once-in-every-four-years presidential election.

While many focus on the two headlining the ballot, President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romeny, there are many other races to be decided Tuesday. A US Senate spot will be up for bid in Connecticut; the next time that will happen is 2016. Also, a spot in the US House of Representatives is up for grabs between incumbent Joe Courtney and challenger Paul Formica and there are several state races as well.

Here is the actual ballot Waterford residents will see Tuesday when they go into vote. It is now too late to register, except people who moved into town within the past 30 days, who can register today. However, Unregistered voters can vote in just the presidential election Tuesday by going to the polls and showing identification.


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