Waterford Contemplates Regional Animal Shelter Collaboration

Officials from Waterford, New London, East Lyme and Montville are weighing the pros and cons of consolidating their animal control buildings into a regional shelter.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
By Jayme Kunze

Waterford and three of its neighbors may decide to pool their resources to create a regional animal control shelter, The Day reports.

Waterford, New London and Montville are operating older animal shelters that do not meet current state animal shelter building codes, according to The Day. New London Animal Control has been housing its animals in other town's shelters, including Waterford, as New London's Bates Woods dog pound is still closed after a fallen tree damaged the facility last year.

East Lyme shares kennel space at the Waterford facility since it does not have its own shelter building.

Town leaders said that they are considering building an entirely new regional shelter or updating an existing facility, The Day wrote.

Through private fundraisers and donations, Waterford-East Lyme Animal Control has already raised about $120,000 for a shared shelter project.

Read the full story on TheDay.com.


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