State Cuts Budget by $170 Million to Battle Deficit

Social services, education see the biggest cuts.


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is cutting $170 million from the state budget – the maximum amount allowed without requiring legislative approval – in order to combat the state’s $365 million projected deficit in the current fiscal year.

The Office of Policy and Management released a nine-page list of the cuts. Some of the biggest items from the list include:

  • $33 million reduction in fringe benefits for employees, mostly from the “state employees health services” line item
  • $21 million from the Department of Developmental Services
  • $7.8 million from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • $32.2 million from the Department of Social Services
  • $14.4 million from state colleges, split between community colleges and state universities
  • $18.3 million from the Department of Children and Families 

Exactly how the cuts will impact the departments remains to be seen. 

“There is no one reason for the projected shortfall,” said OPM Secretary Ben Barnes in a written statement. “The sluggish national economy is part of the equation.  Revenue hasn’t recovered as it has in the past when Connecticut was working to climb out of a recession. The demand for services, particularly Medicaid, remains higher than expected. But we have faced larger challenges than this, and done so responsibly. Nothing on that front has changed.” 

The full list of cuts are attached to this article.

Jean December 03, 2012 at 12:52 PM
Thanks for including the full list of cuts. I am curious what types of expenses fall under "personal services" since several millions in cuts are of this type. Shouldn't government employees be paying for their own "personal sevices?" I do.
Waterford Rez December 03, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Cuts in Family, children, education mental health and addiction services. Wow, I thought the GOP was the cold hearted party. Proof is in the pudding as thought they say. Dems are all talk, no walk. Notice no cuts in salarys or union benefits listed in the big cuts. Sluggish national economy? Many states are doing very well. What do they do different? Oh ya, elect real leaders and make tough choices. What did CT just do this last election? Second verse...same as the first. Wake up CT.
Hope T December 04, 2012 at 12:32 PM
It would be more assuring if there were some cuts on the list to Hartford salaries, benefits and pensions. State employees live in a paradise not enjoyed by the rest of the community with aggressive benefit plans and pensions tied to a high percentage of the highest salary earned. But why make cuts in this area when the needy, the inpoverished children, and the ill don't really need programs to feed them, give them voc ed, get them off the streets and hopefully back in the work force. Guess the Lions, Rotary clubs and other non-profits will be looking at tougher goals to make up for the cuts in order to support Hartford. Address the unemployment and the shortages will start to shrink. Ignore the unemployment and there will be no surprises to the continued result.
WaterfordRez2 December 05, 2012 at 02:18 AM
@waterford Rez...move.


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