RTM Makes Minor Cut In Second Day Of Review

Most Budgets Passed Mostly As Proposed

Tuesday night, the Representative Town Meeting made its first cut: a $6,580 reduction in the proposed fire services budget, dropping the fire department's total for next year from $2,619,378 million to $2,612,780 million.

Other than that, the RTM approved every budget it reviewed Tuesday night as presented. Overall, the proposed budget for the , a 6 percent increase over this year’s total. Taxes should raise roughly 5.4 percent.

RTM members proposed a few other cuts. Two failed in 8-8 tie votes (16 of the board’s 22 members showed for the meeting), one a proposed $2,750 reduction in the fire services budget and the other a $700 proposed reduction in the building department’s budget. The $700 proposed cut was to eliminate a $700 line item for bottled water for employees in the building department.

Tuesday, the RTM approved budgets for the Zoning Board of Appeals, Economic Development Commission, Conservation Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission, Building Department, Building Maintenance, Recreation and Parks Commission, Community Use of Schools, Fire Services, Fire Companies, Board of Selectmen, Current Year Capital Improvements, Transfer to Capital and Nonrecurring Expenditure Fund. The RTM will finalize the budget tonight.

Dave May 09, 2012 at 11:05 AM
Really??? Bottled Water for $700! While we are at it why don't we provide them with snacks too! Come on RTM have the balls to stand up and cut this stuff out of the budget.
David Irons May 09, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Dave, I agree. There is no reason taxpayers should pick up the tab for their bottled water unless the public water supply there is contaminated.Yet as far as I know, Town Hall gets its water from the same source as mine, the NL Water Dept. If I can drink tap water from that source, the town employees can as well. If they don't care for it, let them buy their own bottled water. Which, by the way, contributes to pollution (plastic bottles?). One has to wonder, if the budget contains this expense, what other "little gems" are in there that escape our notice? They all add up.
Foofaraw May 09, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Not the same budget, but did Waterford really needed that $520,000 boat with the Coast Guard right next door? Maybe they can ticket speeders on the water and generate some cash! Keep seeing my taxes go up but I still have the same old broken wheel on my garbage pail---I guess I should be grateful I still have garbage pick-up---6% is ludicrous!


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