Next Stop: Occupy Congress, January 17

Occupy Wall Street has not made headlines in weeks. That is about to change.

Harnessing the considerable power of the Occupy Wall Street movement, protestors from all over the country are being called to participate in "Occupy Congress" next week.  It is the next stage in the widespread public protest that began last September in New York.

On January 17th, an Occupy "Call to Action" urges protestors to convene on the West Front Lawn at Capitol Hill in an effort to bring the movement's message to the doorstep of Congressional lawmakers.

Rallying against corporate greed and corruption, the so-called "99%" will arrive on Martin Luther King's birthday weekend to participate in a day of organized protests. According to the Occupy Congress website, the day's activities will include Teach-ins, an Open Mic, a Multi-Occupation General Assembly, Idea Sharing Sessions, and a DC Voting Rights Vigil.  The day will end with an "OCCUParty."

"Come to the U.S. Capitol on January 17th to protest the greatest calling of our time: A democracy in crisis," states the message accompanying a video on the site.  The video opens with the words, "You Can't Evict an Idea," referring to the in many U.S. cities in recent weeks.

The Occupy Wall Street website describes its mission as "a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%."


Occupy Congress Event Schedule

9am – Converge at West Front Lawn at Capitol Hill
(Meetings with Representatives concurrent)

10 am – Training for volunteers on De-escalation,
Legal Observing, Medical, Direct Action

11 am – Teach-ins and Open Mic start and go all day  

12 noon – Multi-Occupation General Assembly  

2 pm – Open Activities and Idea Sharing Sessions

*6pm* – Occupy Congress Rally and Protest and DC Voting Rights Vigil

8pm – 11pm - OCCUParty

Check the Occupy Congress website for more information and transportation recommendations for New Jersey residents.

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Cory hanford January 11, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Rp is the only candidate who is consistant. He is certaintly not "the best of the worst." I have researched him plenty. He is the only constitutionalist, non-wall street supported candidate. Im so sick of occupy# seemingly sliding towards a democratic candidate. Dont you know its a two party dictatorship? Ron Paul is the only anti-establishment candidate. If it wasnt for Dr. Paul's ideas and protests, occupy probably wouldnt exist. I have been a wearechange member for years and i feel like a lot of occupiers have no idea why they are occupying wall street. Ron Paul 2012!
JerzyIROC January 11, 2012 at 06:52 PM
I've been heavily involved with Occupy Wall Street NYC since day 1. I am very aware that we don't officially support any candidate. That doesn't change the fact that those that protest may still favor a candidate. Contraray to popular belief this isn't some lefty hippy movement. This is as pure and independant as a movement can possibly get. That being said, Ron Paul is the only candidate that supports stopping this insane system that we have in place. While President Obama has stayed shut like the puppet he is while police beat and abuse protesters Ron Paul has been the ONLY candidate to OPENLY dcondemn these actions. As a Ron Paul supporter myself, I think YOU need to research him a bit more beyond the propaganda against him. @Cory Every protester I've come accross since September 17th knows exactly why they're protesting. This Occupy protests have played a larger role than people think in the recent surge and interest in Ron Paul. If you have twitter I'd gladly continue this convo over there :) My twitter name is JerzyIroc RON PAUL 2012!!
Jason Morris January 11, 2012 at 06:56 PM
i'm sorry you feel that way, though it seems you missed the point of Occupy. everyone is "occupying" for their own reasons...and as it has grown, there have been unifying issues that the majority feel the same about. EVERYONE knows "why" they occupy. and i hope you take the time to re-read my comments and notice they were not leaning towards any party or candidate. when i say something, i mean it. i understand many issues that we face...and in my opinion, as long as ANY candidate is elected, or has been elected with the current campaign finance laws and while corporations are given free speech rights - there will be no one we can trust. Fact: 0.05% of Americans maxed out their campaign contribution limits in 2010. if money = speech (buckley v. valejo)...then there is no denying that - lack of money = lack of speech. i'm done empowering wealthy peoples interests with my vote, and i will occupy until we change that.
Robin January 11, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Good for you for chiming in Shelley. Keep it real!
Robin January 11, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Occupy Des Moines here. There are honestly times I feel like RP supporters have hi-jacked Occupy. There are SO MANY in support of him. I love his ideas about DoD and the military. I have to be honest on that one. I even kind of agree with what he says about the EPA, but there I don't trust him that he wants it gone for the reason he says he does. I suspect a lot of rich corp pricks will get even richer without the EPA bothering them with things like fines and regulations. If it really is because it doesn't work and it's just another un-necessary layer of corruption and pay-offs, then great, but I'm still waiting for the part where RP explains what takes the EPA's place that will be more effective. Get rid of the Department of Ed? Seriously? Hasn't education in this country been cannibalized enough? Leave it to the states? Our governor is a pig. If nobody is going to make him do right by education, he'd gladly strip it and give himself and his buddies a raise. Our schools are already just pathetic. But, I've digressed! There are a ton of RP supporters and I know there are plenty of closet Obama supporters that will just go ahead and vote for him believing him to be the lesser of the evils. NOT ME! I drank the koolaid 4 yrs ago and voted for him. He could pull a golden bunny out of his butt and I wouldn't believe him this time around. Since 18, I've never skipped a vote and I'm considering it this time. Depressing!


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