Malloy Not Deterred By Comptroller's Budget Report

Comptroller Kevin Lembo's monthly report shows that the state budget deficit is growing, but Malloy is confident that his administration can balance it by the end of the year, according to the Day.

Despite Comptroller Kevin Lembo's sobering budget projections, which were released this week, the Malloy administration announced on Thursday that it would still be able to balance it by the end of the year, according to The Day.

Lembo's monthly report shows that the budget is running a $95.7 million deficit, which is $22.1 million lower than the previous month. Malloy told reporters, however, that a second round of emergency cuts won't be needed and that the state will "end the year in the black."

Budget chief Ben Barnes said in statement released Thursday that Lembo's report didn't take into account , The Day reported.

Lembo stated in the report, however, his belief that those cuts wouldn't have much impact on the budget.


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