Finizio, Steward Make It Official

New London and Waterford enter emergency communications agreement as mayor and first selectman sign the document

An emergency communications networking agreement between New London and Waterford has been officially approved as Mayor Daryl Finizio and Waterford First Selectman Dan Steward signed the document this afternoon.

Finizio said the emergency services of the two communities have worked well together under mutual aid, and that the agreement would further strengthen this response.

“This is a great start to regionalization and an expansion of regionalization,” said Finizio.

Steward said the networking will improve services and help keep emergency responders safe.

“Ultimately it is our professional staff that make this all work,” he said.

Under the agreement, New London joins Waterford’s new $6.5 million emergency communications system. The move allows the city to meet a federal mandate to switch emergency communications systems to narrow band 800 MHZ frequency by Jan. 1.

New London will be able to operate its own channels but may coordinate with other entities in the event of a major emergency. The system is already capable of communicating with the Connecticut State Police, Millstone Power Station, and emergency responders in East Lyme and Montville.

The infrastructure of Waterford’s system is capable of meeting a radio standard of providing 95 percent coverage 95 percent of the time to New London. Under the agreement—which runs through June 30, 2018—New London will pay for one-third of annual maintenance costs, or about $75,000.

The agreement has the two communities form a public safety and telecommunications committee to allow regular interaction between New London and Waterford on public safety issues. New London must also install, repair, and replace its own radios; accept a maintenance agreement with Harris Corporation, a company Waterford has contracted with for radio services; and maintain the city’s current UHF licensing.

The agreement has been unanimously approved at other levels of city government in both Waterford and New London. The on Aug. 7, the on Aug. 13, and the New London .

sandy August 23, 2012 at 09:11 PM
The New London day is reporting New Londons share is going to be around $48,000. Which is it, $48,000 or $75,000? Does anyone know or am I misunderstanding what the article says which is entirely possible.
Paul Petrone August 23, 2012 at 09:48 PM
That's probably right for this fiscal year, as New London will pay a pro-rated figure. They won't get onto the system until January 1, 2013, so they will pay from then. The number is not set in concrete, it depends on the amount of radios each town uses. New London said it has about the half the radios Waterford has, so it will pay one-third of the cost, with Waterford paying the other two-thirds. That total is roughly $75,000 for New London, although again it can change depending on the amount of radios.


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