CT Democratic Delegates To GOP: 'Go Back to Bed'

Can Connecticut Republicans be competitive this election season? Delegates at the DNC sound off.


Can Connecticut Republicans be competitive this presidential election season?

As reported by the Hartford Courant, state GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola has gone on the record as saying the future of the "blue" state is looking positively "red." But local Democrats say he must be dreaming.

Delegates representing Connecticut at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week shared their thoughts with Patch Thursday.

Ron September 09, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Of course Republicans can not be competitice in CT. CT is a financially broke ( measured 50 of of 50 worst financial states last week) tax and spend liberal democratic state led by an absolute moron and followed by all CT residents who enjoy paying the most taxes for less and less services every year so the State union workers can retire in luxury. If Obama is elected it will enbolden the State "leaders" to increase taxes even more so that they follow the Hussein the Messiah in a race to see who can bankrupt the country first. Hopefully Romney and Ryan will not even visit CT because it is a waste of time to talk to the deaf, and any visit of people with an IQ over 80 will interupt Molloy and his legion of workers from erecting their pagan statutes to their god (even though the word God was stricken from the Democratic platform because it represented competition to Obama's heritage, position, and accomplishments)


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