Connecticut Among States Offering The Most Rights To Gays

Five states and the District of Columbia offer a full gamut of rights to gay people, according to The Guardian.


In the wake of North Carolina's decision to amend its Constitution to ban same sex unions, The Guardian website has created a model looking at gay rights in each state.

According to the graphic, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont, along with Washington state, Iowa and the District of Columbia, have the most rights afforded to gays.

Connecticut allows:

  • same sex marriage;
  • hospital visitation by same sex partners or spouses;
  • gays to adopt, either singly or as a couple.

Connecticut prohibits:

  • employment discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation;
  • housing discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation;
  • harassment in schools based on gender identity or sexual orientation

Also, Connecticut's hate crime laws include crimes committed based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

In addition to comparing states' level of gay rights, the Guardian graphic allows you to log in through Facebook and see what rights are afforded in the states where all your Facebook friends live.

Ron May 13, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Why would this be news to anyone in either CT or the United States ? CT is the most left leaning liberal (and bankrupted) state in the union along with CA, and IL. Of course CT leads the nation in treatment of minorities against the majorities. Examples such as banning the death penalty to protect killers which form a small minority of people, agaist the protection of innocent people, and putting its 100,000 employed and retired State union population in perpectual lavish retirements and paid medical protection with yearly cost of living increases while shafting every private worker in the state, and allowing smoking in the casinos because they are minorities while it is banned nation wide. Every liberal thought that is initially floated to see what the reception would be, CT instantly applauds and immediate adopts In CT Michael Vick would have been given an award for his dog policies, while anyone caring for their dog would be banned from walking it on the streets.
Waterford Rez May 14, 2012 at 02:22 AM
Just prove that liberals are so simple minded, that who ever screams the loudest should get all attention. The quiet majority who go about their daily business and pay the taxes that are squandered by the libs......are largely ignored. Don't worry though, this ship will "right" itself soon, or it will sink. Final thought: Gay rights, which are NOT in the Constitution have been put on a pedestal while the right to bear arms, which is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, is constantly under attack by the same group pushing gay rights. You want the right to marry, we want the right to carry. Across state line for both too.
Ron May 14, 2012 at 02:42 AM
I love what you wrote...right on.


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