Waterford Police News Roundup

Car Break-Ins, Missing Docks, And Another Of Waterford's Most Wanted Is Arrested

Missing docks courtesy WPD
Missing docks courtesy WPD
The following information is from Waterford Police Department. You can find out more on the Police Department's Facebook Page

Weekend Car Break-Ins

During the early morning hours on Saturday, December 7, 2013, someone went into numerous unlocked motor vehicles in the area of Myrock Avenue and Willett's Avenue, taking valuable items.

If you have information regarding these crimes or about possible suspect or suspects who may have been on foot, please contact the Waterford Police Department. 

Waterford Police would like to remind residents to lock vehicles when unattended and to conceal items of value left in your vehicle.

Did Anyone Lose a Dock? 

The Waterford Police Department recovered docks over the weekend, each of which washed up on a separate beach. One was recovered in the Riverside Drive area of Waterford, the other in the Bestbiew Drive area of Quaker Hill.

If you know where they belong, the police department would like to return them to their proper moorings. Please call the Waterford Police Department at (860) 442-9451 x 302, or email kkent@waterfordct.org. 

Another of Waterford's Most Wanted Nabbed

Blanca Iliana Proctor has been arrested after being involved as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident, then leaving the scene and trying to hide in a building. Officer Mike Fedor found her inside and arrested her. 

Daniella Ruiz December 09, 2013 at 06:36 PM
people ought put their names on these things. plenty of debris sloshing around in the river, the sound and makes for treacherous small vessel movement.


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