Waterford Police Issue Scam Alert

Photo contributed
Photo contributed
The Waterford Police issued a scam alert Tuesday after receiving a call from an East Granby woman. She said she received a telephone call at home from a "middle-eastern sounding male" who told her she was behind on a pay day loan. The male said he represented “American Cash” and threatened to have her arrested if she did not pay him the $990.00 he said she owed.

The caller asked the woman to verify confidential information such as her date of birth, Social Security number, and her driver’s license number. The woman told the caller she would need to verify what he was claiming, and asked him for a return phone number. He then gave her the phone number of 909-666-8737, which is an untraceable "Magic Jack" number. She called the police after and reported the scam.

Waterford police are urging residents to be aware of this scam and asking people to alert friends and family. If you feel you have been a victim of a scam, call the Waterford police department at (860) 447-1456 to report it.

nascarblue June 19, 2014 at 03:28 AM
never give anyone personal info, like social security, date of birth, etc, ask for their phone number and tell them you will call them back, usually the number is bogus, or just hang up
nascarblue July 15, 2014 at 05:44 AM
I got 3 phone calls I did no pick up left it to voicemail they did not leave a message, I picked up on third day asked them what they wanted he was very aggressive so decided to also be aggressive & told him I have his phone # even though it came as unavailable, I told him I was a computer expert & have a special box that bypasses all blocked #'s, if he calls back I will pass all his info to all police depts., also I gave his info to my police dept. & the FBI, I never heard from these scammer again, what is truth and what is fiction well they do not need to know, be very careful "NEVER NEVER GIVE PERSONAL INFO" ask them for their #, hang up, you are being scammed they want your money


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