Waterford Firefighters Warn of Vapors in Air When Pumping Gas

Firefighters used this moment as an opportunity to share tips on how to safely pump gas.

Waterford firefighters shared tips on how to pump gas safely. (Patch file photo)
Waterford firefighters shared tips on how to pump gas safely. (Patch file photo)
After inspecting a gas station in Waterford recently, the Waterford Professional Firefighters Association Local 4629 released a public service announcement on its Facebook page.

At the gas station, work was conducted to remove vapor recovery equipment to be in compliance with recently adopted Connecticut State Legislation. Firefighters took the time to remind the public of basic safety requirements when fueling.

"Please be aware that now that this equipment is removed there is the potential for more vapors to be emanating from fill locations while your fueling," Waterford Professional Firefighters Association Local 4629 said. "If you can smell gasoline there is the potential for an ignitable vapor concentration."

  • Always shut off your motor.
  • Although not completely validated yet, do not use your cell phone or other electronic devices while pumping fuel.
  • Do not allow small children to help pump the gas.
  • Especially during dry air (winter) touch something metal to discharge any static buildup you may have prior to fueling (sliding across your seat getting out may be enough to build up a charge).
  • Do not use the fuel cap or other objects to wedge open the latch, only use the installed latch open device on the pump nozzle.
  • If filling a container, make sure it is on the ground and do not transport it in the passenger area of the vehicle.
  • Avoid "topping off" after the nozzle shuts off. This can lead to spills.
  • Do not attempt to remove the nozzle if there is vapor ignition. Immediately notify the station attendant to use the emergency shut-off and they should be trained in fire extinguisher use.

Anyone with questions may call the Waterford Bureau of Fire Prevention at 860-440-0544 or message the Waterford Professional Firefighters Association Local 4629 on Facebook.


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