Waterford Convenience Store Robbed Friday Night

Police Search For Man Who Robbed Store With Gun

Bestway Convenience Store was robbed Friday night by a man holding a gun, according to a press release from Waterford Police Lt. Jeff Nixon.

A man walked into Bestway Convenience Store at approximately 9:20 p.m. Friday and showed a gun to the employee behind the register, according to the release. The man demanded the cash in the register, and the employee obliged, according to the release.

The man took off on foot after the robbery with an unknown amount of money, according to the release. The man was wearing a scarf and hooded jacked, which obscured his face, according to the release.

Anyone with information regarding this armed robbery should call the Waterford Police Department at 860-442-9451. Bestway Convenience Store is located at 6 Boston Post Road.

nascarblue May 30, 2012 at 09:27 AM
to me convience stores are on my top ten of very dangerous places to work, granted they have some security measures, how many times has this place been robbed, and by gun point, very scary you only need one person with an itchy trigger finger to pull and kill someone, new london at night is a very dangerous place, it always has been, during the day, the restaurants are open, stores, etc. and alot of people wandering around, when nighttime comes alot of danger comes around too, new london has always been known for their drug problems, robberies, etc. bestway is located in a very convient spot, new london is right there, come on in, rob bestway and head out, i hope the police catch these robbers, they deserve to be locked away for life, no job is worth trying to make a living and when you turn around there is a pistol staring you in the face, give them the money your life is worth more than the money;


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