U.S. Rep. John Larson Calls For Gun Control

In a statement issued this weekend the Connecticut's First District Democrat said "politics be damned" in the wake of the Newtown shootings.

Connecticut Congressman John Larson, D-First District, called this weekend for a serious political debate on the issue of gun control following the Newtown shootings that killed 26 people, 20 of them children.

In a statement issued Saturday Larson said "politics be damned" and that it's time for the country to face the issue head-on.

"Friday was a day of mourning, but the time to act is now upon us. To do nothing in the face of continuous assaults on our children is to be complicit in those assaults. There may not be a single cure-all for the violence in our nation, however we must start the process and begin the deeper and longer conversations that need to take place. Politics be damned. Of the 12 deadliest shootings in our nation's history, half of them have happened in the last five years. And there is not a single person in America who doesn't fear it will happen again. It's time we recognize the danger and address it."

In a memorial vigil Sunday night in Newtown President Obama also touched on the subject of gun control, saying America is not doing enough to keep its children safe.

Many of Connecticut's lawmakers have been mostly silent on the politically-charged issue of gun control in the wake of the shootings. Their constituents, however, have not. Thousands of them have taken to social media and other outlets to call for gun control, and to argue against it.

Casey December 22, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Politicians love to jump on this bandwagon. In the end whatever they do or say in this regard won't make us or our children any safer but it will help then get re-elected. If they gave a hoot about our children they would stop the insane spending that will obliterate any future our children might enjoy. But then doing so would hurt their chances for re-election. What was I thinking.
Ron December 22, 2012 at 03:20 PM
Casey is exactly correct. Larson is a political hack trying to tap into the public concern for his political benefit. There is no doubt this tradegy is unbearable for a civilized nation or any nation, however a political conversation is NOT what we need. We need real contemplation and analysis by experts to determine the best cause of action. I am sure as far as schoolsafety is concerned, it will or should be a multi faceted approach, and not just one course of action. Of course if the public allows politics to rule the day, we wil have NO solution. People like Larson if they care for children or this nation should spend their time on meaningful debt control for our entire nation's survival and let experts decide the issues involved how a mentally sick waif of a kid with a demonic mind do such destructive act.


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