State Trooper Charged with Stealing from Victim of Fatal Accident

The Trooper was arrested this week and has been stripped of his police powers.

An 18-year Connecticut State Police veteran was arrested this week on allegations that he stole personal belongings from a person who died in an accident on the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield.

According to a release from Lt. J. Paul Vance,

Huntsman, a trooper based out of Troop G in Bridgeport, was charged with two counts of third-degree larceny, tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, and interfering with police.

In a report released by state police, Vance said several first responder agencies were present on the scene of the accident, including state police, Fairfield fire, and EMS. Subsequent to this fatal accident, family members determined that certain personal property belonging to the deceased was not accounted for, including jewelry, clothing, and cash, Vance said. Family members were able to recover the clothing of the deceased from the hospital, but there were still missing items of value, according to the report.

State police initiated an investigation in an attempt to determine the location of the missing property. It was determined that the jewelry had not been logged into evidence by the Trooper investigating the fatal accident, Huntsman.

State Police Detectives conducted numerous interviews and examined evidence that resulted in the seizure of a large amount of cash from the police cruiser of the investigating Trooper. An arrest warrant was issued this week and Huntsman was taken into custody, at Troop I.

Huntsman was processed and released upon posting a $5,000 bond. He will be arraigned in Bridgeport Superior Court on Dec. 10.

Huntsman's police powers were suspended upon initiation of this investigation, Vance said, and he will also be subject to a corresponding internal affairs investigation.

nascarblue December 02, 2012 at 02:13 PM
WHAT?? an 18 year state trooper stealing from the dead, this is so sad for the victim and the family, i doubt it was the first time things went missing, when he arrived on scene of other accidents that someone has died how can you take, or steal from the dead?? God does not like ugly, you just threw away 18 years of service for what a few gold chains? whatever punishment you get it will not be enough in my eys for what you did to this family, they have to suffer a tragic loss and now think about you removing items from their dead family member, you should be ashamed of yourself.
Curious Cathy December 02, 2012 at 03:03 PM
Hey, if my loved one died, the last thing I would be thinking was about would be his valuables, but I am sure glad this poor soul's family did. This parasite cop has probably been doing this, and worse, for years but never got caught. I am mortified to be in the same species as this guy. Eventually, he will rot in the depths of hell where he belongs.
samely December 05, 2012 at 03:55 PM
these guys might wear a shiny badge but that's all that's shiny about them. they can't walk on water (although they seem to think they can...) they lie, they cheat, they steal things. shame on him.
mike hainsworth December 06, 2012 at 01:03 PM
it goes to show you the state police and the local police cant be trusted and they wonder why they have no public trust


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