Police: Owner Stole Dog That Was Sentenced To Die

Eric Wasniewski is facing criminal charges after allegedly stealing his Cane Corso from Waterford’s animal shelter. The dog was scheduled to be euthanized.

A Niantic man recently pleaded not guilty to charges that he broke into the Waterford-East Lyme Animal Shelter and stole his Cane Corso, Dozer, which was set to be euthanized.

Eric Wasniewski, 41, of 46 Spring Glen Road, Niantic, was charged on March 18th with sixth-degree larceny, third-degree burglary and third-degree criminal mischief. The arrest stemmed from an incident either late February 27th or in the early morning of February 28th and stole the dog.

According to an arrest warrant written by Waterford Police Officer Jeremiah Shea, Wasniewski told his roommate “he could not see the dog die.” He broke into the shelter to save his dog, according to Shea’s warrant.

The dog has since been euthanized, after being confiscated from Wasniewski’s house on March 12th.

The Full Story

Dozer was originally seized in January by Waterford-East Lyme Animal Control “after numerous bite incidents and violations of a previous canine restraining order,” according to Shea’s warrant. Court records show Wasniewski has previously been charged with two separate counts of possessing a vicious or barking dog, cruelty to animals, failure to abide a court order regarding an attack dog, creating a public disturbance and third-degree assault.

On February 28th, Waterford-East Lyme Animal Control Officer Robert Yuchniuk went to the animal shelter and noticed Dozer, a Cane Corso, was missing. He searched the animal shelter and found a hole was cut in the chain-link fence around the shelter and the door in Dozer’s kennel had been forced open.

Later that day, Waterford Police Detective John Davis talked with Wasniewski’s girlfriend, Rachel Broadwell, according to Shea’s warrant. Broadwell told Davis that Wasniewski left her a voicemail at 3:50 that morning saying, “his dog was in the Waterford Animal Shelter suffering and that he couldn’t let him suffer anymore,” according to Shea’s warrant.

On March 2nd, Yuchniuk and an East Lyme police officer went to Wasniewski’s house after numerous calls to Wasniewski were not returned, according to Shea. Yuchniuk knocked on the door and a dog that sounded like Dozer began to bark until it seemed like somebody inside silenced the animal, according to Shea's warrant. Nobody answered the door.

Later Yuchniuk talked with Wasniewski’s roommate Alexandra Stewart. Stewart said Wasniewski came home on March 1 with Dozer, so Stewart moved out of the house.

Waterford Police applied for a search and seizure warrant on Wasniewski’s house. On March 12th, the police department searched Wasniewski’s house and found Dozer, according to Shea.

Wasniewski was arrested on March 18th. He has since pleaded not guilty to all charges, was not held on bond and his next court date is today at 10 a.m.

Dozer has since been euthanized.

lion king April 20, 2012 at 03:14 PM
connecticut wants to stop killing people that murder but lets keep killing animals ,
Equineone July 13, 2012 at 04:48 PM
I certainly don't like the idea that a dog is confiscated and euthanized, for any reason. But I do understand it if the dog is aggressive, and has a bite history. But I also feel that the owner of said dog, should be required to pay a hefty fine for anything more than one bite (some dogs bite for reasons not of their doing). AND should be required to go to training an behavior classes with a trained professional. There are a few VERY reputable dog trainers in our area, who may be willing to team up with the towns for this purpose. If the owner is unwilling to attend classes, then further steps should be taken. But first, all attempts should be made to hopefully redeem the dog and the owner.
mmm January 21, 2013 at 03:56 AM
I would like to inform everyone that this dog was far from saving. The dog was mentally abused. Yes he was a great dog with out eric there because he would just sleep but the dog was mentally far from saving. Eric had no control over that dog ever dozer has bitten little kids and adults I personally have scars and so do those people. I have sat and counted how many people he had and it well over 25 none reported because eric would intimidate the people and threaten them. Eric had mentally abused the poor thing. If the dog had not had eric as an owner dozer would have been the most loyal dog ever . Eric had destroyed him honestly there was no saving him you cou ldnt not even a trained professional. Stewart's sister had been bitten, but stewart herself had been bitten so bad one night that you could see her bones hense no charges were pressed because eric is an intimidating person meaning he threatens and own weapons not legal but currently owns another destroyer and also is currently retraining to recreate his "master piece"
eric wasniewski March 14, 2013 at 02:10 AM
That last post is my cousin who's sick in the head, jealous, mental and choked her little dog almost to death by his leash, her dog bit my face and 20 other people,i never reported it but she and no one knows anything about the truth unless you were there , Dozer and all My dogs for 30 years were sweet beautiful dogs, loving and trained family dogs, since my divorce of 17 years,i allowed my friend and her teenage kids to come live with me for free, fights broke out in front of dozer who was used to a quiet home he never bit them, he have a nip, he was never abused by anyone at anytime, our life was perfect until i allowed these people into my home for free out of the kindness of my heart, of i didn't he would still be alive today, I've learned that you can't help people, and should have never let anyone in my home that started violet behavior in front of my dog who never saw aggression, he was my child, and he sacrificed his life the moment these teenage kids came to live with me, i will always hate people like them for this, and love animals like i always said"they only want your love
eric wasniewski March 14, 2013 at 02:22 AM
All people in this life should understand one thing,never ever listen to people that talk and think they know anything, when they were not there, no one knows the truth, my animal abuse charge was false, it was over my snake who got stuck in my uncles dashboard of his car that we attempted for 6 hours to retrieve, but couldn't she was also a pet i trained to kiss you on the lips ! This charge was dropped, I'm done with ignorant people, what is this world coming to ? Relatives and friends i thought were my family but stab you in the back ! Like i said of i stayed alone after my divorce and never let anyone in my home there would be no problems, death of my animals, I'm done !! People are sick, we are the problem, not the animals,i Hope one day some one will remember this tragic event that unfolded on my life


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