Final Tally of State Police Arrests Over Thanksgiving Weekend

The number of DUI arrests was lower this year than last but state police responded to more accidents. There was just one fatal accident over the holiday weekend.

Connecticut State Troopers and local police departments supplemented the normal patrol force with additional officers over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

State Troopers patrolled all roads and highways across Connecticut and focused on drunk driving violations and targeted aggressive drivers. Sobriety checkpoints and targeted DUI patrols were in place over the entire weekend.

Compared to last year, police made fewer DUI arrests but responded to more accidents, with more injuries. However, there was just one fatal accident this Thanksgiving compared to two last year. 

State Police will continue this preventive enforcement effort until the end of the Holiday season.  

These State Police stats cover the time period starting at midnight on November 27, 2013, to midnight on December 1, 2013.  

SPEEDING Arrests:  1,134

SEATBELT Arrests: 170

OTHER HAZARDOUS MOVING VIOLATIONS (unsafe lane change, following too close, cell phone use, failure to signal etc.) Arrests:  2,548

DUI arrests:  43

ACCIDENTS Investigated:  562    WITH INJURY: 92      FATALS: 1

Total Calls for Service:  10,426

2012 STATS

Speeding: 1,611 

Seatbelt: 85 

Hazardous Moving: 2,745

DUI: 62 

Accidents: 410 with injury: 59   Fatals: 2


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