Debit Card Scam Alert

If you get a text message saying your bank card is inactive, don't panic. It's just the latest scam that is making the rounds.

Debit card scam. Patch file photo
Debit card scam. Patch file photo
A number of Waterford residents (myself included) received a text message yesterday that read "alert@creditunion ... Bank Alert: Your CARD is INACTIVE." The message then tells people to please call (860) 383-0727.

Most people will probably recognize this as a scam. (The big tip off for me was that I don't bank with a credit union). If you do call the number, an automated computer-voice recording says you've reached Eastern Savings Bank and asks you to please enter your "16 digits card number." 

It should go without saying but—even if you do happen to have an account with Eastern Savings Bank—don't do it! If you believe there may be a problem with your card, call your own bank directly. 

Although Waterford Police haven't received any calls complaining about the scam yet, the Maryland-based Eastern Savings Bank has posted the following alert on its web site: 

Debit Card Text Alert Scam
Many local banks have indicated their customers are receiving text alerts indicating their debit cards are inactive. These texts did not come from Eastern Savings. Do not provide your card information. Please contact us at 860-889-7381 for assistance.

Bob Appleby December 04, 2013 at 03:42 PM
I live in Salem and received this exact call last night. I didn't take the bait though. Very lucky


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