Arrests Made By Waterford Police Over Thanksgiving

Additional patrols in Waterford over the holiday weekend resulted in 2 DUI arrests, 25 speeding arrests and 30 traffic violations.

A Press Release From Waterford Police Department

During the days preceding Thanksgiving Day and the following weekend, the Waterford Police Department assigned 15 Additional Patrol Shifts to supplement Normal Patrol Shift Assignments. These additional Officers were assigned to specifically target under the influence and seatbelt violators as well as enforcement of all observed traffic violations. 

The Officers working these Stepped-Up Enforcement Assignments were directly responsible for making 2 DUI Arrests and issuing Citations or Court Summons for 16 seatbelt violations, 25 speed violations, as well as 30 other traffic violations such as cell phone/distracted driving violations, uninsured motorists, unregistered vehicles, and traffic signal violations.  

In the interest of Public Safety, the Waterford Police Department intends to continue this Stepped-Up Traffic Enforcement Campaign by assigning 1 or 2 additional Officers to several day and night patrols from now, through New Year’s Day.

The DUI and Seatbelt campaigns are part of the Federal Highway Safety Program in accordance with the 2014 Fiscal Year Connecticut Highway Safety Strategic Plan.

The Waterford Police Department urges all motorists to voluntarily participate in safe responsible motor vehicle operation. 


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