Some "Truths" about Common Core

Do you know anything about "Common-Core" the new educational system adopted by CT?

You can learn the facts, talk with parents and teachers at Americans for Prosperity Shoreline Chapter monthly meetings.

We share information about "Common-Core which has growing list of of parents,teachers,principals, and superintendent's opposing its testing, and its curriculum. This is another National Program that has been put in place, without any testing of it's principles, and without discussion with teachers and administrators.

The President of the Teachers Union said;""If you think Obamacare implementation is bad: the implementation of the "Common-Core is far worse!". Our own CT Superintendents Association, is at real odds, with the head man at the State Department of Education, over a number of things, Common-Cores negative affect on education and teachers, being one element.

The Constitutions 10th amendment says" The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively,or to the people." Snce Education" is not granted as a right within the Constitution it has always been a States Right" Common Core was developed by a group of wealthy investors including a gentleman who owns the largest textbook".publisher

I was sold to the National Governors Association, by the investors funding large grants to any State adopting it. It was never discussed or debated in Congress publicly, nor was it ever tested by a group of educators/teachers.

36 States bought into it. 15 of those have either postponed adoption so they can study it first; are planning to postpone or reject it totally.

The textbooks are tilted towards a very liberal viewpoint, with little regard for "truthful" history.

Cildren are given tests that require a degree of logical thought and understanding of processes,/ mathematics well beyond their age groups ability. If you are concerned, attend our meetings, information is available at bud_fay_8@hotmail.com


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