POLL: Your Preferred Trash Disposal System?

Townwide pick-up, pay-as-you throw... or something else?

Montville is discussing alternative trash disposal programs, and planning to put out a request for proposals for a townwide trash pick-up system. (Click here to read that story.)

Another idea is for a pay-as-you-throw system, like Stonington has.

Now, many residents pay about $260 a year for private pickup, while others pay for passes to the transfer station, and haul their trash themselves.

What would you prefer? Please take our poll!

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Howard February 23, 2012 at 04:22 PM
First we, as a nation, have too much government involved in too many aspects of our lives and costing us way too much. Second, while the idea of saving is appealing; remember the town would run the program. Most of our leaders prefer “bigger and better” government; should they become dissatisfied with the contractor; the logical progression is buying trucks and hiring people with all the attendant costs. Say goodbye to any savings by the town’s citizenry. Lastly, the bag program is another program leading to unnecessary costs and complications. The town still has to administer the program; negotiate, hire, and monitor a contractor; acquire and distribute bags to retailers willing to participate; and collect and account the proceeds from the sales of the bags. All of which involve more facilities and employees. Think about the dollars involved with those things. I do not know whether the town or the retailer purchases the bags from the manufacturer but someone has to and that involves administrative costs and capitol layout. The citizens would have to drive who knows where (gas $) to buy the bags. The retailers opting to participate (who wants to be a “bad” community member) would have to possibly purchase the bags and add the bags to their inventories, create shelf space for that inventory, track the inventory, account for sales, collect and submit the sales tax (oh yes, don’t forget that), and submit the proceeds to the town. Leave it as it is.
Elizabeth February 23, 2012 at 08:57 PM
Again with the $100 figure. Where are the hard bids to back that number up? I seriously doubt it's going to be that low.


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