Moms' Talk: Holiday Traditions Old and New

Fun, frivolity, camaraderie and sharing! That's what the holiday season is all about!

This was a very different holiday season for our family. As with all families, circumstances change as the years go by and expectations and realities slowly make transitions.

There is a rift in my immediate family. It is deep and complicated. Yet, dwelling on bad relationships and ingrained negative behaviors is not what life is all about.  Surrounding yourself and your family with those who love and appreciate you is what is important.

What was different about this holiday season for you and your family?  Did you start any new traditions or continue with the tried-and-true?  What are some of your favorite holiday things to do with your family?

Ana and Sophia look forward every year to our traditional "Yankee Swap" Christmas Eve.

What fun it is to pick out four, perfect gifts. It's an opportunity to re-gift that Secret Santa gift that just never made it out of the box. How about adding a video that anyone would enjoy as the long, winter chill sets in?  Or show your silly side and wrap up a "Bath play fun" Ken doll!

Searching for the “perfect gift” is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

This game has many different incarnations. All are fun. All are entertaining. All are perfect for a holiday party! 

For our party, each guest brought a gift. When the game began everyone was given a number.  Gifts were selected and unwrapped in numerical order, starting with number one and continuing until all numbers were accounted for.  After revealing a gift the recipient could choose to keep it or swap it for another opened gift.

When all gifts were opened and swapped, the person who picked first got one last chance to swap.  The game then ended and the gift each guest was holding was the gift they took home.  For better or worse! Getting attached to a gift is never good because someone else may have their eye on it!

Fun, frivolity, camaraderie and sharing!  That's what the holiday season is all about! 

Jane Woodbridge December 28, 2011 at 11:04 PM
Sarah: Different is not always a bad thing and just maybe will lead to new holidays traditions!
Pem McNerney January 05, 2012 at 10:19 PM
I agree!
Sarah Page Kyrcz January 05, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Jane. Thank you for commenting. I always think changing things up is good for the heart and soul!


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