The 'TRUTH' about the Republican Medicare Proposal

An attempt to bring clarity to a subject that is being almost totally distorted for political gain.

If you're a senior citizen, you are a target of a planned misinformation campaign. Videos of Grandma being thrown off the cliff, and worse yet our own elected Congressmen and Senators will hold Town Hall meetings to tell you of the "dire consequences to you and the loss of your coverage".

You are smart enough not to fall for the kind of political party-based rhetoric, which is without substance and worse yet does not address the "real" problem. The real problem is that we cannot ignore the huge "Debt" of our State, or of our Country.We must find ways to live within our income. We all, no matter what our age is, need to start to educate ourselves and to get involved in the political process.

We're deep in debt, and it's partially our own fault. We voted people into positions of power, and we didn't pay enough attention to what they were doing, and how they were doing it. We're all tired of listening to the Politicians telling us "what to believe", when they've established a history with us of being "unbelievable" in what they say.

If you take the time, you can find out what's true and what's not.



2. If you're younger than 55, then over the next ten years there will be changes. Your payments into the system, will result in your receiving a check, or voucher, on retirement which you can spend  to buy the kind of medical coverage you want. States will be forced to open their borders to competing insurance providers, and to eliminate many of the mandates they now insist our in State providers supply.

The Republican plan is almost a mirror copy of the medical plan Congress now has.

Should there be any doubt in your mind as to the accuracy, please e-mail me at bud_fay_8@msn.com, and I will supply information direct from Congressman Paul Ryan.

We, you and I, have been whipsawed from crisis to crisis. What we face today is a series of facts we can't ignore. Each of us, our children and grandchildren, owe between $40,000 and $50,000 toward the federal debt, and some $13,600 in State debt. This kind of spending must stop.

The Republican 2012 budget is a plan that will return some "common sense" to Government, rein in spending, reduce Government size, and atack the waste, fraud, and corruption that's been allowed to take place.

The Democratic plan, is to spend more, make Government larger, control more and more of your life, and unfortunately oppose the Republican plan, by attempting to "Frighten" us all into rejecting it. Our choice is whom to believe.

I choose to believe in the intelligence and common sense of the American people, they know when they are hearing the "Truth", and they know when they are not.

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Ron June 01, 2011 at 03:47 PM
The difference between Bush's understandin of Israel and the border dispute, and Obama's approach is Bush saw Israel as a friend and ally and Obama sees Israel as a pawn and enemy. Obama has gone around the world on his multiple apology tours to embarrass Americans and gain Muslim favor. He made preposterous statements and total exaggerations that Muslims were part of America's history and heritage. He xonstantly tries to confuse the Anerican public to sell what was the grandeur of the Arab world as it existed in the 5th century, and alluding to the fact that this is is the current Muslim contribution to the world. Bush and all democracies in the world understand fully that the Muslim terrorists present the current great challenge to civilized societies. Obama on the other hand thinks by siding with Muslims at the expense of America and Israel he will get favorable treatment. This naive approach to our security by siding with known terrorist states, while sacrificing a true ally will backfire on America and expose the population of Israel to annilation. It is interesting every single campaign platform Obama ran on that denounced Bush's anti terror policies, have now been endorsed by this hypocritical President. America and the world deserve more than the liberal misunderstandings of this current President.
Working Class American Citizen June 01, 2011 at 07:47 PM
Ron, that's quite the theory you have. Nobody! I repeat nobody will ever be able to broker peace in the Middle East while choosing sides. A person or country who chooses a side really makes a poor mediator. Perhaps we should absolve ourselves of the mediator role, and just be an ally to Israel. Mike pointed out that you can google any topic. Wow that really narrows things down! That's fine if you want to sift thorough thousands of sites. I would like to see who or what publication Ron got his Obama-Israel theory from. Maybe a particular website or perhaps a book that you read from the local library would be great. Maybe a magazine? A talk show? What terrorist state have we sided with? We've been giving aid and arming countries with people that want to kill us for a lot of years. Yes even Conservatives have agreed to this budgeted aid. Getting back on topic, maybe we should cut some of this aid before we cut programs for our own people? What a concept. The military and economic aid to Egypt and Israel alone accounted for 4.725 billion dollars off of the 2010 budget. Total foreign military and economic aid totaled 11.778 billion dollars in 2010. It's apparently better to spend that money on foreign countries instead of the American people who are dealing with very tough times. Wow!
Ron June 02, 2011 at 03:48 AM
We side with Saudia Arabia and they provided the 9/11 terrorists. Thus your argument that we do not side with known terrorist states is flawed as to brokering peace, you can only do that with rational people. When Asar Arafat was the spokesperson for the Palistinines both Carter and Clinton tried valiently to broker a peace agreement. Arafat during this time amassed a fortune the Wall Street Journal estimated as high as 20 billion dollars. Thus while you should not take sides, rationale people understand you cannot deal with despots and fakirs of peace. We learned that with Hitler and other manical leaders including what is now happening in Libya. American Presidents before Obama understood the importance of supporting Israel against the Arab countries that never recognized them as a country to this day. As a matter of fact Iran has promised repeatedly to wipe them off the face of the earth, and still deny the holocast occurred.Do you advocate that mediators would take Iran seriously in the real world rather than in your utopia impression of what the world is ? Possibly we should mediate with the Somolia pirates and treat them as equals out of "fairness". Possibly we should treat the terrorists who cut off Daniel Pearl's head as equal points of view. Possibly we shoule have mediated with Hitler as he killed million people in the gas chambers as an equal partner out of fairness in a mediation session. Luckily the Nurenberg trial and world saw it differently than your view.
Working Class American Citizen June 02, 2011 at 02:49 PM
Wow, I am through with this conversation. Yeah okay I support negotiating with Somalian pirates and we definitely should have negotiated with Hitler. What are you smoking? Are you capable of having a conversation without making assumptions? You somehow missed the part where I stated, maybe we should just be Israel's ally and get out of the mediator role. I simply stated that a mediator is impartial, and maybe we shouldn't play that role. With attitudes like yours there will never be peace in the world. And the other side (Muslims) have the exact same attitude I realized that sometime ago. Everyone thinks they're right and everyone else is wrong in your world and theirs. Everyone's religion is better than the other religions in the world. Have a good day Ron. God bless ya!
Norbert V. Fay July 26, 2011 at 12:20 AM
Harry...I believe because I've been involved in he Tea Party for over two years, I run regular meetings monthly, and see the the rising tide of interest in he people turning out. Ultimately people turn to their own common sense and realize that the policie's in place are damaging to them.


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