Possible W.P.C.A. Dictatorship

Just my opinion as a concerned Citizen of Montville

A little History about the W.P.C.A. Ordinance.  The proposed ordinance for the WPCA began when the commission voted to give their Administrator Brian Lynch a $10,000.00 raise. A Town Meeting was held and the raise was stopped. WPCA Chairperson May threatened to sue the Town and there is the beginning of the ordinance. 

In January 2011, the Town Council voted down this ordinance for many reasons.  The most important was because it would have given the WPCA autonomy without legislative oversight.  That means the Town Council would have not been able to overrule any actions of the WPCA as far as their budget, expenditures, or employee contracts were concern.

November 2011, our town election happened.  The Democrats took control of the Mayor seat and Town Council.  Just one month later on Dec. 5, 2011, Mayor McDaniel told the WPCA Commission, that he contacted the Town Council to discuss giving the WPCA autonomy. That means he talked to Chairperson Candy Buebendorf, the same Councilor who sat on the original sub-committee that created this ordinance a year ago. Mayor McDaniel was not involved with the ordinance until he was elected and decided in one month after being elected that this was a great idea for the Town.

Montville’s Charter allows for anyone who is a registered voter the right to petition any action of the Town Council.  This is the check and balance of our government.  Giving the WPCA autonomy will take this right away.  NOWHERE IN THE CHARTER DOES IT SAY THAT AN ACTION OF THE WPCA CAN BE PETITIONED!  What this means to rate payers and ultimately taxpayers is a $10,000.00 or even $20,000.00 raise can be done at any time and there is nothing that can be done about it. I wonder who will benefit if the Ordinance is passed? I’m sure it won’t be the Town.

Another thing the WPCA ordinance will do if passed, it will let the Commission set its own budgets for Water and Sewerage without the Council’s final approval.  They have a budget of $5.7 million in just Sewer alone!  The Council is the legislative body of the Town, yet they are willing to delegate their authority to Mr. May, Mr. Lynch and company.  Talk about creating a country within a country. 

Everyone who is a rate payer, tax payer or resident should come to the Public Hearing on Feb. 13. At 6pm. If your voices aren’t heard, we will have a new dictatorship in Montville thanks to the Democrats.  Government should be controlled by the people and not just a select few who just want power.

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Jim Andriote Sr. February 14, 2012 at 03:58 AM
I attended the meeting also and Arrington was correct as to what happen. It's very sad to see the Democrats continue not listening to the citizens of our town. 75 or 80 residents show up at a meeting to oppose the ordinance, yet the Democrats totally ignored what the people who elected them wanted. Not surprising condsidering their past recored from two years ago. Not to worry, a petition will be taken out tomorrow and the vote of the council will be sent to a town meeting allowing the people to make the decision for the council. Once again the people have to do the councils work.
Sam Rogers February 14, 2012 at 07:00 AM
Really? I must have been at a different meeting. At the one I attended, only about a half-dozen people spoke against the ordinance (although some spoke two or three times), and several spoke in favor. It's true there were about 75 or 80 people present, but it's hard to know the position of anybody who does not speak. There were, however, a number of folks present whose conduct would have fit right in on the Jerry Springer Show. One guy sitting next to me went on and on about why he opposed the ordinance, but admitted that he had not actually read it, and then there was the guy who spoke in opposition who evidently thought the agenda language was the ordinance. Yessiree, democracy at its finest.
theinformant February 14, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Mr. Rogers. Are you sure you were awake during the meeting? The meeting I attended, the people were very calm and respectful. The Chairman asked people to stand in line to speak and they did. As one finished and sat down another person spoke. Whether there were six or sixty speaking, that doesn't matter. The people were there because they were against the ordinance. Not many people had to read the ordinance themselves. They were told what the ordinance contained in it. There wasn't any doubt what the intent of the meeting was. It was to pass an ordinance that takes the authority over the WPCA away from the council. I bet you didn't read the whole ordinance either, it is quite long. I know I didn't have to read it to understand it's intent.
Elizabeth February 14, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Buebendork? Are you 10?
markedward February 15, 2012 at 03:32 AM
no i'm not 10, i'm a proud 72 years old. i have difficuoty typing. sorry if i offended anyone, it was not intentional.


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