Atria Crossroads Place Sells For $25 Million

Atria Crossroads Place, an assisted living community on Parkway South, sold this month for $25.48 million.

This month, an Ohio company sold Atria Crossroads Place, an assisted living facility, to a Chicago company for $25.48 million, the largest sale in at least two years in Waterford.

Atria Crossroads Place, which is located on 1 Beachwood Drive off of Parkway South, is an assisted living facility for seniors complete with a library, exercise room and wellness center and has a neighborhood dedicated to those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, according to the facility’s website. On January 4th, Health Care Reit Inc of Toledo, Ohio sold the facility to VTR Northeast Holdings LLC of Chicago for $25,478,558.

Patch called Atria, where an employee said the executive director of the facility was the only person who could comment about the sale and he was in Kentucky on a business trip until next week.

Health Care Reit Inc paid a substantial conveyance tax to the State of Connecticut and the Town of Waterford as part of the sale. The company paid a $318,481.98 conveyance tax to the state and a $63,698.40 conveyance tax to the town.

Daniella Ruiz March 11, 2013 at 08:24 PM
as the govt rides along on it's laurels, the health insurers are positioning themselves to take full advantage of taxpayer funded old folks care. thar's money in them old folks, even as they shrink and their brains shrivel up.


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