Moving Past a Tragic Week

A look at the week that was.

What a tragic week this was.

It began with the terrible news of the passing of a 20-year-old Waterford High School graduate. And it ended with perhaps the worst crime in the history of Connecticut, with a man senselessly killing child after helpless child.

What can you do? You can feel terrible, hug the ones you love and remember those children and their families in your prayers. And, although it might be hard, you can continue on with your life, continue on with your pursuit, realize that life is precious and try to make the most of it.

So we at Waterford Patch will try to do just that, try to move on. And it begins with the week that was.

On Tuesday, we had a complicated story littered with government lingo and details about the bureaucratic process. The bottom line though is important: Waterford is now likely to get millions from the state for the Waterford High School project after the state approved $15 million of work on the school as “renovate-as-new” status.

On Friday, we had the most talked about story of the week, a story about the Board of Finance complaining of the retirements received by town employees. The finance board sent a letter to the state asking the retirement benefits to be either reduced or have the employee pay a larger share of their own retirement.

Also this week, news broke Waterford Planning Director Tom Wagner will retire. Wagner began with the town on Feb. 22, 1983 and his last day will be Feb. 22, 2013. When he started 30 years ago, Waterford was a small town with almost no development. Since, the town has welcomed everything from the Crystal Mall to the ongoing Dana Farber Cancer Center, and Wagner was responsible for overseeing all of those developments.

On Saturday, we had an interesting story of a man who said a woman he was allegedly having a “money for sex” relationship with scammed him out of $95,000. The woman asked for $95,000 from the man for a business that police said she never planned to start, and instead spent the money on everything from tanning to a $1,000 dog.

In other news, Connecticut was ranked the sixth healthiest state in the nation, there was news on how the fiscal cliff could impact Waterford and the nutcracker is in town. O, and there was also a good chance you searched for one of these things in the last 12 months…

And again, our hearts go out to the entire town of Newtown. It will never be the same again.


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