Mitt Romney, Standout Students, Waterford's Snipers

The Week In Review

This week was a week devoid of major happenings, so we took the time to look into a few of Waterford’s operations and issues.

For example, to build high-end condominiums at Seaside Sanitarium. Steiner has not submitted any plans yet, and he faces three outstanding debts.

We also took a For example, did you know the police have two trained snipers? There also is a push to go from officers carrying shotguns to M-4 rifles.

We took , and what the future of Waterford’s schools might look like. For example, the district is now buying iPads, which are both cheaper and harder to break than a laptop. Superintendent Jerome Belair also talked about what he did in Weston, where he was superintendent before taking over in Waterford, where students would bring in their own laptop or tablet from home and all books were electronic.

Speaking of the school district, “students of the year” by the Waterford Rotary. A student was picked at each school, with each principal at that school giving a touching speech about their respective selection.

On Friday, Waterford Recreation and Parks Department and the Waterford Youth Service Bureau announced And on Saturday, Patch took a look at a new , which is offering dance lessons at a more affordable price.

In other news, the state Senate passed a new bill to , the , a and on Tuesday Mitt Romeny was Waterford’s The primary though, which had a very low turnout, cost local taxpayers $18.50 per vote. 


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