Hospice Southeastern Connecticut Adopts a New Name

Hospice Southeastern Connecticut will now be called Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut.

Hospice Southeastern Connecticut has announced that it has changed its name to Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut.

According to a press release, the nonprofit agency is also changing its message and approach to talking about hospice care.

“People think that hospice care is only for the very end of life,” Carol Mahier, the President and CEO of the Center for Hospice Care said in the press release. “It isn’t. Our services have evolved to include palliative care, counseling services, and many other programs that help both patients and their families before and after death. It’s time for our identity to reflect that.”

The change in name, message and approach will not interrupt service or staff availability.

Established in 1985, the Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut provides care for patients at home, in nursing and assisted living facilities, has bereavement programs for children and adults and provides clinical education for medical personnel.

“We want people to understand that hospice means much more than having two weeks to live,” Mahier said in the press release.. “And it’s not just for cancer patients. Research shows that when hospice and palliative care gets involved sooner, the quality of life improves for everyone - patients, caregivers and all family members.”


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