Gun Shots at 2:17 a.m.; An Angry Email

A look at the week that was.

I know, every week we start this column saying this was a really busy and diverse week of news. But this really was, highlighted by an email to 800 soccer parents that drew a lot of attention.

Earlier this month, Renegade Sports Center owner Bill Kane sent out an email to 800 soccer parents lecturing them about their behavior at his Waterford facility. Renegade Sports Center hosts several indoor soccer leagues and Kane said the soccer parents are rude, have argued with the refs and even talked trash to the children playing in the games. There were many comments on the story, with some taking the parents to task, and others taking Kane to task.

The strangest story of the week when residents began calling the Waterford Dispatch Center complaining of gunshots. Those complaints led to the arrest of 25-year-old Andrew Malerba for unlawful discharge of a firearm and police seized several firearms from Malerba’s home at 5 Cinderella Lane.

On Monday night, residents of Laurel Crest Drive opposed a proposal by Robert Nauta to turn 15 Laurel Crest into a five-lot subdivision. Ironically, many of the neighbors were not against the proposal as it was, but were worried about what it could become in the future. Fundamentally, they were fearful that Nauta would build a road connecting Laurel Crest Drive and Miner Lane, which they believed would increase traffic on Laurel Crest Drive.

On Thursday, we ran a story detailing Superintendent Jerome Belair’s proposed $44.87 million budget for the 2013-14 school year, a 1.5 percent increase from this year’s total. Quite frankly, the story was not well read, a drastic change from previous years where school budget stories were among the most popular stories on Waterford Patch. Perhaps that means the public has very little concerns with the budget or it didn’t create much of a controversy, which probably means good news for the superintendent and his proposal.

On Saturday, we had a story about how The Barbershop in Jordan Village is changing its name to The Jordan Village Barbershop & Salon because – surprise, surprise – the barbershop is adding a salon (and a massage room). The barbershop has been in existence since 1938, and has been run by Michelle Ramos for the past 15 years.

In other news, Waterford residents are hoping for new bathrooms at Waterford Beach, a Waterford property sold for $9.4 million, the town stopped funding organizations that weren’t taking the money they’ve already given them, Willets Ave is set to be redone and Connecticut’s state colleges are probably going to be more expensive next year. O, and then there was this story, about two guys who stole thousands of dollars of baseball gloves…


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