A Week About Pets And Their Owners

A Look At The Week's Top Stories

This week of news was slightly hampered by a certain Patch editor who caught a fever Wednesday night. But there was still some heavy news this week, especially regarding owners and their pets.

In the most read story of the week, somebody , stole a dog and fled south, according to Waterford Police Lt. Jeff Nixon. The dog, a Cane Corso, was set to be euthanized by the state after being aggressive to other humans and animals, but the owner was fighting the ruling in court, according to Nixon. The person has not yet been caught. Patch will have more on this story as more news develops.

Thursday, Patch , whose family’s uninsured home . Menghi was lucky to live through the fire, but his four pets died from smoke inhalation. Many members of the community have since came out and helped the Menghi family with cash and other donations, which Louis Menghi described as “overwhelming.” Still, despite losing nearly all of his possessions, Menghi said the biggest loss was the pets, “by far.”

In 2007, Pat Fedor and the other principals in the Waterford School District pushed for and got a ban on students bringing food for other students, something they would often do for birthdays. . Fedor said it was positive, but several commenters had a different take on the “cupcake” ban.

Earlier this week, New London Mayor Darly Finizio signed a tentative letter to . Waterford invested , which could cover New London and most of East Lyme. Regionalizing the system will save both towns money, although it is still awhile away from being finalized, Waterford First Selectman Dan Steward said.

And on Monday, , the new owner of . In January, Manolakos took over the store from Pati Macrino, the wife of principal and New London city councilman Don Macrino.

In other news, houses continued to sell this year at a strong rate, arrests are and . And not just one but two Waterford artists


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