A Sad Week For Waterford

The Week In Review

This was a sad week in Waterford, with news breaking on Friday that a . Our heart goes out to the family of the boy.

It is almost impossible to go to the regular news, but it was a busy week in Waterford. We had videos of a dance competition, some inspirational stories about overcoming adversity and the approval of a budget for next year that will increase taxes.

On Monday, we had our coverage of Waterford Youth Services’ Alison Stahl and Steve Whitehead won the competition that raised thousands to fight underage drinking and drug use, and videos of all 11 dances from all 11 couples are available on Patch.

Then, there were the sad but inspirational stories. First, there was a standout softball player for Waterford who died at age 23 in 1990. Since her family and a slew of friends have dedicated countless hours and dollars in rebuilding Cohanzie Field, now named Lisa Dedrick Field. Once bathrooms are completed on the project, the 22 years of fundraising and work will end, mother Mary Ann Clark said.

, who was born 10 weeks early on May 19, 2011. William, the son of Waterford Police Officer Ryan Spearrin, is now almost a year, and is a healthy, happy boy, Ryan Spearrin said. The family, along with many Waterford police officers, are now active in fundraising for the March of Dimes.

In tax news, the Board of Finance held their final review of a $78.8 million budget for next year , according to Finance Director Rudie Beers. with very minor cuts, and it will now be sent to the Representative Town Meeting for final approval in May.

At the same meeting, the Board of Finance decided and keep Waterford’s public transportation system intact. The finance board originally , but found out later they were obligated to the service through state statute. The board did have strong words for SEAT Executive Director Ella Bowman though, saying she needs to provide more information to the town.

On Monday, town leaders and an expert . Both the expert and town leaders said health care cost increases could likely only be contained, not prevented. On Wednesday, in the Waterford Commons. On Thursday, students at the Dual Language & Arts Academy Middle School in Waterford . And on Saturday, Patch , which drew

Two blogs stuck out this week, one by a man arguing a second term by Barack Obama could , and the second questioning the . Also, Waterford's Erin Paul , about how the Waterford native wound up in Las Vegas.


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