Home of the "future" launches in Waterford with AT&T Digital Life

Modern Family's Phil Dunphy may have been joking when he tried to create his own "House of the Future" , but now homeowners in Waterford and surrounding communities can actually experience their own "future" home with a new service that just launched locally from AT&T.

AT&T's New England team launched Digital Life in Waterford to help customers easily manage their homes anytime and anywhere, from their smartphones, tablets or computers. It's perfect for residents who want to keep an eye on things while they travel for the holidays, for example, or just have that extra peace of mind on a normal workday.

Imagine leaving for work in the morning, and knowing that at 9 a.m., your home will turn off all the lights, turn down the thermostat, lock all the doors and shut off your stove.  Digital Life lets users easily manage their home remotely, 24/7.  And it's flexible – whether you want just the basic security package or a fully-automated home, you can customize your options. This way, you're not spending money on features you don't want or won't need. 
With Digital Life, some of the features allow you to:
  • Watch indoor and outdoor cameras so you can keep an eye on your doors and garage – or what the kids (or your pets!) are doing when you're not home
  • Open doors remotely for your babysitter, a trusted delivery service – or a loved one that forgot his keys
  • Remotely turn on your lights, coffee maker, heat or air conditioning
  • Get alerted by text, email or phone of any water leaks – and automatically turn off you're water main if there's a leak
  • Get broken glass alerts in the case of a break-in, and set your program so the house lights turn on automatically as police are called


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