groton Multicultural Montessori to Hold Open House: Saturday, January 25th - 10 am to 12 pm

Groton Multicultural Montessori is dedicated to nurturing the development of each child’s unique potential. Our program is a compassionate, harmonious place where children, teachers and parents gather to inspire a love of learning and discovery. The classroom offers a rich environment designed to be explored by the children. The rooms are carefully prepared to promote a strong sense of order. This creates an environment that encourages natural and spontaneous learning. The Montessori materials and curriculum are structured to meet the needs of the children at every stage of their development. To enhance a global perspective, Spanish, Hindi and other languages are included in our curriculum, as is geography and multicultural education. There is also a special focus on studies of the natural world. 

Groton Multicultural Montessori School will hold an Open House for interested parents of preschool and kindergarten age children on Saturday, January 25th, 10 am – 12 pm. Parents will have the opportunity to learn about the methodology and principles of Montessori education, and the teachers will answer questions and show parents the classrooms while the children interact with the classroom environment.


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