Patch's Complete Guide To Black Friday

Every Sale In Town

Ladies and gentlemen,

Black Friday is two days away. Waterford, home of nearly every large chain in America, is the destination of not just every town consumer but also shoppers from New London, East Lyme, Salem, Montville, Ledyard, and on and on. Traffic will be tough, crowds will be large and credit card-wielding maniacs will abound. Good thing you have Patch, which supplies you with the complete guide to Black Friday's discounts. This way, you can plan out your trip, and spend as little time in one of these stores as possible (click on the link for the store's full list of sales).

Here is the list:

Crystal Mall
Opens at 5 a.m.

Almost every store at the Crystal Mall is having a sale. Clothes are marked down everywhere, with H & M cutting prices of select dresses in half, Express having an entire section of gifts for men and women under $30, Old Navy is giving 15 percent off purchases of $75 and up and Forever 21 selling cardigans for $9 a piece. Olympic Sports is taking 20 percent off of most items, Borders Express is dropping prices and FinishLine is taking 30 percent off most of its footware.
Even the food court got in the mix, with Auntie Anne's Pretzels giving out deals.

Also, for all the major department stores in the mall, here are their deals (all open independently at 4 a.m.):


Sears' sale only extends until noon, so get there early. But in those magical 8 hours, 599 door busters (aka great deals) will be available. There are sales on electronics, on activity tables, on jewelry (up to 70 percent off), on shoes and boots, on every possible type of clothing, from suits to tee shirts, on appliances, on linens, on tools, even on tires. Just to give you an idea, if you haven't clicked on the link yet, the ad for Friday is 48 pages long. There is not much you are going to find that isn't on sale.


First off, there is a coupon on this link for $10 off anything more than $25, so I'd start there. As far as deals go, you've got discounted fake Christmas trees, jewelry, watches, big time sales on shirts and ties (75 percent off), women's boots (50 percent off), just to name a few.

JC Penney

Another 4 a.m. to noon deal, so you got to get there early. The Penney boosts more than 300 door busters, not exactly Sears's 599, but still pretty good. Major savings on coffee makers, luggage, jewelry, toys, shoes and boots, clothes and just about everything else.

All The Stores Not In The Mall

Best Buy

Opens at 5 a.m.

Best Buy brings the heat. The store has massive sales on electronics throughout the store, with major savings on televisions, cameras and just about everything else. A nice $300 saving on a Panasonic 50" flat screen plasma television, a $1,000 savings on an LG Washer and Dryer, cutting the price in half to $999, and big sales on just about every computer. Good deals all around.

Sale goes from 5  to 11 a.m.

Walmart this year features savings that are off the chain, especially on electronics and television (a 50" Sanyo plasma HDTV for $498 is ridiculous). GPSes are selling for as low as $60, laptops for as low as $300 and wireless printer/scanner/copiers for $45. Also every possible toy is on sale. Remember though, sales last only until 11 a.m., so wake up early.

Opens at 4 a.m.

Target makes an effort to steal some customers from the other free-standing boxes by opening a full hour earlier than Walmart or Best Buy, to attract the particularly dedicated. First off, if you spend more than $100, you get a free $10 Target gift card, so that is a gift right there (so if you get a $10 Target gift card as a Christmas present, you know where that came from). Again, nearly everything is on sale, from electronics to toys to spatulas. Most impressively though is that Eyeclops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars, which I guess are meant for kids but really are good for anybody, especially dynamic, handsome New London journalists, are 50 percent off.


Yes, Black Friday has poured over into the home improvement stores as well. At Lowes, the sales really begin Thanksgiving Day. Major discounts on drills, grills, saws and hammers. Really a great time to buy grills anyway, considering most people wait until the summer.

Home Depot

Home Depot this Black Friday is all about appliances, and best yet, all appliances come with free haul away and delivery. Also, nearly every vacuum ever made is discounted.

Now, if for some reason the big boxes don't do it for you, there is an even bigger box not too far away that has its own deals: Foxwoods.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

The casino is offering free gifts in many of its outlets with the purchases of select items. Perhaps the best deal though is at MGM Grand of Foxwoods box office, where if you buy a ticket to four select shows (Cindy Lauper Memphis Blues Tour, Kenny Rogers Christmas & Hits Tour, The B-52s and Legends in Concert Holiday Show) you get another ticket free.
Also, there is a fashion show on Saturday at 4:30 p.m., with every attendee receiving a free gift bag.


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