New Leader At Millstone Power Station

A.J. “Skip” Jordan Sent To Kewaunee Power Station

Stephen Scace, the site vice president at Kewaunee Power Station, will become the site vice president at Millstone Power Station effective January 1, according to a Dominion news release.

Current site vice president A.J. “Skip” Jordan will become the vice president at Kewaunee Power Station in Wisconsin on January 1, another nuclear plant owned by Dominion, according to the release. Jordan joined Millstone in 1983, and became vice president in 2008, according to the release.

Scace started his career at Millstone in 1970, and has been the site vice president at Kewaunee since 2007, according to the release. As vice president at Millstone, Jordan was the plant manager.

The Kewaunee station is currently for sale, according to nuclearstreet.com.


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